Code Enforcement Official’s Letter to the City Council


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Among other assertions, Evansville Code Enforcement Officer Donna Holderfield owns up to being directed to “not enforce code violations” on certain political people.

Until today the CCO did not even know the identity of the code enforcement officer who sent out the letters to the Frankin Street merchants. Last night Ms. Holderfield made the letter on the following link public by presenting it to the Evansville City Council



  1. I would like to know the names of the political people that had zoning issues. Also would like for Ms. Holderfield to tell us who told her to back away from political people who had zoning issues.

  2. I can’t believe the contents of this letter. After reading this letter it is obvious that we have major problems in this city because of back room politics.

    • You had to read this letter to figure that out? Evansville’s politics, on a per capita basis, matches or beats Chicago. I am talking about both parties, and for over a century. Evansville gave D.C. Stephenson his start, after all.

  3. “being directed to ‘not enforce code violations’ on certain political people.”

    She clearly indicates that was 30+ years ago, and that NO ONE has done that in her most recent stint in the job.

  4. –Signs are nothing in the face of Safety concerns, and the reported exempting of certain Fire Code Enforcement,–for a politico owned Bar, by former Fire Chief Keith Jarboe (a “Weinzapfel The Magnificent” appointment by the way).
    Is it True? Someone correct me if I’ve been misinformed.

  5. The only thing that I disagree with Mrs. Holderfield is her acting on her won volition. As far as I understood, all alleged violations require a complainant. She herself can not be that complainant. And if it does not require a complaint to be filled, why does every other ordinance in Evansville require a complainant to be enforced?


  6. Such a well written and informative letter! Congratulations because you were able to educate the public without risking your job. Your letter was not a vendetta against anyone but it would seem as a result of you being a victim of a vendetta by.

    Assuming your account is accurate I don’t understand why any reasonable person would even act surprised to get looked at very hard by the person they attack. You are only human after all & while you say you do not target Lamasco’s…you certainly are within your right to. The facts speak for themselves;
    They are repeat code violators who show zero respect for your authority and the laws you are charged with enforcing + she they show total ignorance by attacking you.

    In your shoes I would certainly look at their business every time I drove by. They kept themselves on your radar by their own actions, which is as idiotic as arguing with ANY building inspector. If they want something moved you move it-you don’t match wits with them-let alone argue or pick a fight with.

    I enjoyed the history lesson and the nice way you articulated the problems you have been having.
    Very diplomatic and NO, I do not know her from Adam I just appreciate her candor.

    And if you lose your job over this letter please write another letter so we all know & can offer suggestions on
    Improving your situation.

  7. I have known Donna Holderfield for many years both the first time she worked at APC, and also the second time, because I worked across the hall from Donna pretty much the entire time she worked at APC.

    I have known Donna from the perspective of being a fellow municipal worker. I have known her from the perspective of my being an applicant for permits both as a business owner and as a property owner. I have known Donna from the perspective of my being the County Surveyor, sitting on the Area Plan Commission, sitting on the Commercial Site Review Committee, and from the perspective of my issuance of permits myself which permit terms and violations may have conflicted at odd times with APC’s terms and violations from time to time.

    At no time during the entire time that I’ve known Donna Holderfield has she ever revealed to me a dishonest bone in her body.

    I have not always agreed with Donna Holderfield. In fact, we have had some heated disagreements during the time we worked across the hall from each other. That happens in the Civic Center whether both individuals are non-political bureaucrats or in my case when one individual is a political creature and the other is a professional civil servant.

    However, and in each and every instance, Donna Holderfield has always been a straight shooter. She does not waver. She goes by the book. She is immune from political influence or pressure, as far as I have observed.
    Donna Holderfield is a valuable employee to the APC and the public because of her unwavering honesty and level-handed approach as an inspector and enforcer of the zoning codes.

    Whether you agree with the codes or not, whether you agree with Donna’s interpretation of the zoning codes or not, she is straight, upright, and fair. She establishes a level playing field, at least with regard to her area of responsibility, and whether or not that playing field remains level outside her area of responsibility.

    And now she has proven she has a boatload of chutzpah to boot.

  8. I commend Donna for writing such a detailed letter on this issue that has become so vocal recently. Most citizens only know what they read in the paper or hear on the news. There is always more to the story that is not released. I now have a much better understanding of the issue. It is sad to hear what she has had to endure just because she was doing the job she was paid to do. It is also good to know that political favors are being given and everyone is treated equally. Sign ordinances are a necessary evil to make the playing field fair and provide safety, just two of many reasons. If you want change, work with those responsible for change. You do not need to threaten or disrespect others to make yourself heard. Evansville has already had enough bad press. Thank you Donna for speaking out.

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