Coachella Valley iHub Company takes 3rd Place in World’s Best Technology Competition

Joe Wallace, Managing Director, Coachella Valley Innovation Hub
Joe Wallace, Managing Director, Coachella Valley Innovation Hub

SecoSys Corporation of Palm Springs, CA that markets and installs smart meters for monitoring and controlling water in real time has been named the 3rd Place Winner in the World’s Best Technology Conference in San Diego, CA.

The contest that featured over 100 invited presenters from 10 countries and most of the states including Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio is a forum where companies make competitive presentations to one of the largest gatherings of venture capitalists and angel investors in the world.

“Our Smart Water Metering and Control Platform provides total water management, control, and conservation capability anywhere water is piped. This First in Space Open Platform has the potential to support an entirely new industry of smart web-based monitoring and control of water resources.” said Hank McCarrick the President and CEO of SecoSys when asked to describe his companies innovation.

The Coachella Valley iHub run by former GAGE president and CEO and CCO editor Joe Wallace has qualified six companies to make presentations during the last two years and is the largest contributor of technology start-up participants to the World’s Best Technology Conference. “It is quite satisfying to have one of our companies on the awards podium at this prestigious event”, said Wallace who accompanied SecoSys to the conference. “This award is as close as one can get to winning the equivalent of a bronze medal at the Olympics for early stage businesses” he continued.

Historically medalists at the WBT Showcase find venture investment with approximately 35% of all presenters being offered a deal.


  1. Wow! Another example of E-Ville chasing off bright people from this community.

    Congrats to Mr. Wallace for showing the people of Coachella Valley how to attract developing businesses.

  2. California got Joe Wallace, Louisville got Andrew Smith, Evansville got stuck with the losers who ran them off because they didn’t become yes men to their failing agendas. Our city should feel so proud.

    I always enjoy seeing articles like this where those who we were told had no talent because they are too bitter by the beautiful people of Evansville go to other cities in other states and scorecard win after win while the naysayers are stuck here trying to shove dog parks, great lawns, and neon t-shirts down everyone’s throats.

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