Co-Founders of Heliponix, LLC, Ivan Ball And Scott Massey Are Being Considered For Forbes 30 Under 30 in Detroit?


Scott Massey and Ivan Ball the Co-Founded Heliponix. They provide consumers with the GroPod, an automated hydroponic appliance with a seed pod subscription that could be described as “Keurig for food”.

Their automated hardware combined with smart, cloud software allows anyone to become a farmer regardless of their climate, space, or existing knowledge of agriculture. They sold out of beta prototypes last year to residential consumers, a restaurant owner, and local schools; they are now ramping up production with a midwest contract manufacturer. They founded Heliponix after assisting Dr. Cary Mitchell as research engineers for NASA through Purdue University on a hydroponic growth chamber.

They wanted to commercialize our own rotary aeroponic™ intellectual property for consumers after identifying opportunities to maximize yields while reducing energy consumption which has been validated by multiple strategic investments from the Purdue Research Foundation and Elevates Ventures. Follow them on Facebook as they continue growing to become the world’s largest farming company without owning a single acre of land!



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