Climate Change Cartoon




  1. In the 70’s and 80’s they claimed we were causing ‘Global cooling’, then they tried to make us believe in ‘Global Warming’. Now it is ‘Climate change’….how about we call it what it is: weather.

  2. Utter nonsense.

    Time and Newsweek taking advantage of the winters of ’77 and ’78 to sell some extra magazines about “global cooling” wasn’t the scientific consensus of the time nor is it now.

    You’re just spouting total crap you’ve seen or heard on the blogs, Fraud News etc.

  3. I’ve always believed all the asphalt and concrete poured all over the world every day eliminating original nature in the process adds to the warming but I’m not going to argue it because I don’t know.

    But this situation I found interesting a couple years ago because it involved the polluters and someone they hired to study pollution:

    p.s. Rupert Murdoch did an about face and is now a believer in global warming also.

    Who would have ever thunk it…………..

  4. What is said of all that jet fuel being burned at 35,000 ft? I look for info on this some time back. don’t recall the daily consumption world wide, it was a bunch. Wonder were that goes to at that elevation with air thickness and the burnt fuel weight!

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