City of Evansville Legal Fees for the last Several Years


Money Toilet Paper

This excludes the legal fees incurred by the airport and the EVSC both of which are sourced in tax money. Info on the following link is for our readers curiosity and is posted without edit, opinion or bias.

City of Evansville Legal_Fees


  1. Oh my God. What a political bomb shell for Ted Zimmer, Atty. and Associates.

    This is unreal.

  2. This information is astonishing. I can’t believe that City Council would allow the Mayor to pay his political buddy and legal council Zimmer to be paid this kind of money.

    This is just wrong. Wonder why the non political people of this community are talking about staging a tea party march on city hall.

    • Remember the efforts that the city council expended regarding placing a qualified internal auditor that would report to the President of the Council. That did not go anywhere….

  3. I see a lot of instances of Barnes and Thornburg and Baker Daniels in there. These firms I already know are lobbyists. Why is the City and Water Sewer hiring lobbyists in Indianapolis? Are there more lobbying firms on this list?


    • Weinzapfel left office at the end of 2011. He went to work for Faegre Baker Daniels, formerly Baker & Daniels, in 2012.

      That year Faegre Baker & Daniels bills the city of Evansville $385,209. and the city water dept., where Weinzapfel appointed its first ever Chief Financial Officer and most if not all of its Board of directors, $419,370. for a total of $804,579.

      With Jenny Collins, Weinzapfel’s former city controller, in place at the Water Dept. as CFO, and Mike Duckworth, former county highway superintendent moved to water dept. superintendent and also serving on the EVSC board of trustees. Allen R. Mounts is chairman of the board of directors of the Water & Sewer Dept., Mounts is executive VP and Chief Administrative Officer at Old National Bank. Members of the board are/were appointed by the Mayor.


    • BTW, Baker & Daniels was involved with the Johnson Controls Municipal WiFi project from the very beginning. I was at the ERC meeting when their man was there pitching it a couple of years ago. The firms ties with Weinzapfel go back a long way.


      • Thank you for reminding people of this. They also need to remember which council members held seats at that time to push this along as quietly as possible.

  4. Now I know why the Mayor can’t give the firemen a livable raise this year. He been to busy taking care of his back room political buddy ( Ted Zimmer) income stream.

  5. I think you might be quite shocked if you were also to obtain the annual total legal fees for the Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation.


  6. Looks like the Inspector General of the Sate of Indiana needs to begin a probe to see if we any influence peddling going on.

  7. I hope you all realize, the attorney fee’s spent to Indy during Weinzapfels years were for him to make connections for his gubernatorial fundraising.

    Instead of the gov job, he just accepted a job with one of those firms he spent millions on.

  8. The cash to Ted is not a surprise if you simply pay attention in town. Who do you think is really running the town?

  9. To make the city’s expenditure for legal fees more meaningful, it would be interesting to see what other cities have been paying, what legal fees are on a per capita basis and if the overall trend is upward.

    At least this is not San Diego.

  10. There may be crooks,cronies and clowns in charge of our tax monies and this is not new information many have been saying it for years!

  11. –” The Name of the Game is Money”, and the local version is the bail wick of the, “I Win, You Lose”, crowd, composed of the “Chosen Ones” in Evansville’s political landscape. It’s a old adage that has played out in Evansville, as it has everywhere else, when we’re talking about Money/Power. It’s worth Bitching about, but, that’s Life,–and where the rubber meets the road, until Term Limits for Political office, and appointments are established to try and slow it down.
    –Fat Chance of that happening!

  12. What is Al Lindsey doing about this issue? I thought he was going to push city council for a study to see if the city can do an in house legal service department. It’s obvious this move could save the taxpayer millions of dollars for legal services over the long haul.

  13. I agree that it’s time for city council to do something about the amount of money the Mayors attorney is receiving. I remember that Al Lindsey made a public statement in the CCO a while back about this issue. Could the CCO go back and find his statement and re-post it so new readers can see it?

  14. I wish I was surprised by this news, but I’m not. Political patronage is alive and well and living in Southern Indiana.

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