City County Observer Traffic Crashes Servers Again!


Adding Capacity to Serve More Readers within 48 Hours

For the second time in 2011, the City County Observer and the Community Observer have generated sufficient internet traffic to crash our servers. At two separate times yesterday the internet server that hosts our sites was overloaded to the point that it shut down. Despite losing 2 hours of traffic over these technical problems both publications still set records for pageviews and for time on site.

These incidents and the one earlier in the year have made it necessary to migrate our sites to a dedicated server. We would like to acknowledge and thank our media partners at Townsquare Media for the part they have played in our recent expansion.

We would like to thank our readers for their continued interest in our content and for the encouraging comments that are posted. We even appreciate the criticism. As any person competent in control systems knows, it is only the constructive negative feedback that enables one to improve.


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