City-County Observer Announces 2021 “Person-Of-The-Year” Winner 


Mayor Winnecke Is Selected As The City-County Observer 2021 “Person-Of-The-Year” Winner 

July 2021

The City-County Observer is pleased to announce a new award that will be made annually to honor the “Person of the Year” in Greater Evansville. The first honoree of
this prestigious award is none other than Evansville’s 3-term Mayor Lloyd Winnecke (R).

Winnecke was elected to the office of Mayor of Evansville in the fall of 2011 and assumed office in January of 2012. His calm demeanor and collaborative style had been apparent throughout his career in banking and journalism. His basic personality traits have made Mayor Winnecke a pleasant person to be around. He is also an excellent communicator.

As a candidate for mayor, Winnecke promised to serve as “Evansville’s Ambassador Of Good Will,” and that is a role he has so
far played effectively. Mayoral candidate Winnecke also made a commitment to energize Evansville’s downtown after
years of decay and many false starts by his predecessors. Today, downtown Evansville has the potential of becoming an energetic business and shopping destination in the Tri-State, with a growing population base and an expanding array of retail establishments. As a native of Evansville, Mayor Winnecke witnessed the demise of downtown Evansville that was accelerated when the Washington Square and Eastland Malls were opened on the East Side. When retail pulled out, people did too, leaving downtown Evansville as
a shell of its former self. It was Winnecke’s diligence and calmly staying the course
that seemly have brought people back to

downtown Evansville to live. His steady hand on the plow finally seeded downtown Evansville for future sustainable prosperity.

Mayor Winnecke has also learned to let go of the past when it is appropriate to do so,
as has been exhibited in the demolition of some long-standing but, obsolete buildings including the 420 Building that was the home of Old National Bank and the Petroleum
Club for many decades. The reality has been apparent that some of the older buildings were functionally obsolete for years, and Winnecke realized this. He found creative ways to navigate through the maze of State and Federal bureaucratic rules and regulations to find the funds for future housing, retail and commercial development.

Mayor Winnecke is likable and also can take a joke very well, even when the joke is on him. In his early days as Mayor of Evansville, his enthusiasm and love for Evansville and its people did lead to some hilarious moments like the chicken fat video that was made to promote healthy living. Much fun was made of the video, and Winnecke took it all in stride while positioning himself to become the first Mayor of Evansville and attempt to reverse

the decline of the downtown. He had to make a multi-million dollar decision to repair and replace our dilapidated water and sewer system, pushed for the needed renovations to our Zoo, and spearheaded the effort to build the much-needed Aquatic Complex

in the North Main area. He was one of the masterminds to help work around the tedious process of locating the IU Medical School Downtown and he was a strong advocate

for the funding and the building of the Downtown Doubletree Hotel.

Finally, for his perseverance, kindness, and leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, the City-County Observer is proud to announce that Mayor Lloyd Winnecke will receive our first “Person of the Year Award” at our annual awards luncheon on September 16, 2021, at Evansville-Tropicana.

Also at this annual event, local attorney Charles L. Berger, retired and The Honorable Vanderburgh Superior Court Judge Rich D’Amour, retired Vanderburgh County Treasurer Susan Kirk, State Senator Veneta Becker, Alex Burton, and Lisa Vaughn
and Mayor Winnecke will receive our “Outstanding Community Services Award” for 2021.

In a couple of weeks, we shall announce who our guest speaker will be and how to make reservations for this well-attended community event.

FOOTNOTE: We would also like to recognize Deputy Mayor Steve Schaefer for his supportive role in helping Mayor Winnecke to achieve his level of success during challenging times.