City Council to Vote on $5 Million Loan Package for Earthcare Energy


An ordinance has been prepared for the consideration and vote of the Evansville City Council with regard to a $5 Million bond issue the proceeds of which would be used as a primary funding source for Earthcare Energy to establish start-up operations in the old Whirlpool Building. The full text of the ordinance is on the following link.



  1. If we are going to continue this madness of buying local jobs with taxpayer dollars then lets open up the process to all comers.

    At $50K or more per job I am sure we can find all sorts of proposals out there, some of which might be a far better deal than the one being currently proposed.

    Lets use the good old competitive bid environment to land the best company possible, start-up or otherwise.

  2. If a company is worth funding, let the bank do it!! Public money is for funding of streets, sewers, police, fire departments, libraries – NOT speculative start-up capital! Let our wonderful city, with great infrastructures and public services, attract companies without sacrificing being able to provide great infrastructures and public services to our citizens who are paying for them.

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