City Council says Mayor Displaying a Total Lack of Fiscal Responsibly


    PRESS RELEASEDr. Dan Adams

    The Council leadership is confident that the Residency Ordinance will pass judicial scrutiny, but it is very disappointed that Mayor Winnecke chose to file a lawsuit over the ordinance.    For the past six (6) weeks, the Council’s Attorney has made numerous efforts to meet with the Mayor’s legal representative to resolve any issues that the administration might have with the Residency Ordinance.  But all to no avail.

    Like the downtown convention hotel’s developments, or lack thereof, the Council learned of this lawsuit for the very first time through the local News media.  Once again, the Mayor has demonstrated that he has no desire to collaborate or be forthright with the Council.

    This episode is another example of the Mayor displaying a total lack of fiscal responsibility.  The lawsuit will cost the City of Evansville’s tax payers tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars.  The Mayor should have made every effort to resolve any issues pertaining to the Residency Ordinance prior to initiating full blown litigation.

    Moreover, the Residency Ordinance is law and is currently in effect.  The Mayor has not sought a judicial delay in the implementation of the ordinance.  Instead, the Mayor has chosen to ignore the ordinance.  We find the Mayor’s blatant violation of the ordinance to be a terrible example for our citizenry.

    The Residency Ordinance was passed for two primary reasons.  First, to give the citizens of Evansville a voice in their government.  Second, to reduce the previous confusion in board appointments and insure strict compliance with State law, by making all appointment qualifications consistent.   The Council strongly believes that the Residency Ordinance is in the best interest of the citizens of Evansville.

    The Council leadership wants to make it clear that the Mayor is using tax payer monies from the citizens of Evansville to fight the citizens of Evansville from serving on governing boards that impact directly on them.

    Respectfully Summited,

    Dr. H. Dan Adams, President

    John Friend, CPA , Vice President

    Conor O’Daniel,  Attorney,  Finance Chairman



    1. Let’s hear it, pov. Winnie can do no wrong because of that R on the ballot.

      • POV is still taking his afternoon nap and won’t be available until tomorrow morning with the chicken’s crow.

        The new city ordinance is in effect until the courts rule other wise.

        This just goes to show us that the last judge to rule on this issue is the only one that counts. Every attorney has his/her opinion on how to read the law but their opinions don’t count unless they are the last judge to rule on this case. Maybe that will end up being the Indiana Supreme Court Justices or even the US Supreme Court Justices. Who knows for sure how far this banti rooster fight will go.

      • It has zero to do with R or D.

        Ya’ll have a Little Hitler with a Deity Complex on your hands.

        Me thinks you folks need to find a judge that understands the meaning of the term “Regular Commitment”.

    2. I’m glad that the CCO posted this today as a breaking news event. I think that with Dr. Adams at the helm the city council will have more back bone and work better together. Of course that has to exclude the two pseudo dems that work for the Mayor’s wife. They are more republican that democrat and a huge disappointment.

    3. Oh what a poisonous stew. I don’t blame Council at all for being pissed off about learning of the failure of the Hotel and the residency requirement lawsuit through the media. Winnecke is simply not qualified to lead, and not communicating is the biggest sin (and also the easiest thing to do).

    4. Winnecke sure has directed a lot of public money to the Ziemer law firm. Much of it wasted on things that could have been worked out without going to court. It is laughable to hear him claim he is proud to run again on his record. His list of accomplishments starts and ends at zero. He did stretch out a bit and say his litter pickup campaign was a national model, that other cities were copying it. Worst mayor in memory. He gets his impotent little veto overridden so he stomps his feet and spends our money suing us. What a guy.

      • “Winnecke sure has directed a lot of public money to the Ziemer law firm.” (Bandana)

        * * * * * * * * * * * * *

        It would not be a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of taxpayer dollars the EVSC has directed to Ziemer, Stayman, Weitzel & Shoulders, or to the firm of Veazey Parrott Durkin & Shoulders, for that matter.

        • Durkin is no longer with them. No more Engineers on staff; it’s just architects now. The firm is named VPS Architecture. Not even sure that Veazey or Shoulders is there anymore either. Last I heard was that Shoulders had to take a job at Bernardin Lockmueller to pay the bills. The Parrott guy was just a move to get name recognition in the Indianapolis market; he “retired” after being with the firm 4 or 5 years. I believe that VPS is being run by an “architect” named George Link and a MWBE buy in by the name of Sarah Schuler.

    5. Stew? Its all straight BS fronted by your local political machined controlled bullshit . Don’t you perceived as a load controllable idiots get that yet? Come on people ! We know your not that bent! Get the sport for what it is. We’ll continue to help. but soon we’ll just sport the real stuff. To everyone. Once done they, are finished .
      Maybe the movement forward can set out somewhat So. Lets go! Cut the poisonous out, as unit just move what some might perceive as forward for the whole community
      What really concerns us looking in is the response one might perceive from the other bents.
      So, with all the bullshit sported by the present city leadership what are the opposing views actual stance?

      We’re thinking nothing, and we think that is Evansville machined bullshit as well.
      In the coming days we will back that statement with “facts.” So bring the fixed machined bullshit on. Beat the overhead, big challenge because we could give a sh@t one way or the other with your stinking local politics. The issue is your influx to the entire clean water balance of the planet through the Ohio river basin.
      So, how many CSO events were recorded last year, and what have you, or your rotten too hell governance done to address that as of………say 2/ 3/ 015 ?
      Come on assholes that’s the call. If you really want too know we’ll sport that as well, only directly to the Global media. So.
      Answer please?

    6. I can never really tell who is more corrupt. The council or the mayor. Just like the White House or the Congress.

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