City Council Candidate Al Lindsey’s Residency Questioned: Stalking Complaint Filed against Challenger over Two Months of Watching Home


“Complaint Cited Police Report over Three Chickens mauled by Pit Bull to challenge Residency”

On February 24, 2011 the Vanderburgh County Election Board received a complaint from Mr. Randall Whitehouse regarding the eligibility of 6th Ward democratic City Council hopeful Evansville Firefighter Al Lindsey to be a candidate for Evansville City Council. This complaint challenges the residency requirements as set forth in Indiana law claiming that Mr. Lindsey has not resided in his residence at 433 S. Bosse Avenue in the City of Evansville long enough to be allowed to run for City Council.

In his complaint Mr. Whitehouse included a day by day diary of what he had observed over a period of two months when he claimed to have gone to Mr. Lindsey’s home to take notes twice daily regarding whether or not a vehicle was in the driveway. Mr. Whitehouse also submitted a police report regarding a dispute over three chickens belonging to Mr. Lindsey that were killed by a pit bull dog. The date of the incident report was 04/11/2010 and the address of the incident was recorded to be 10410 New Harmony Road, Evansville, IN. The responding officer was K. Chapman of the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Department.

On February 25, 2011 Mr. Lindsey filed a complaint with the Evansville Police Department for stalking against Mr. Whitehouse. The responding officer J. A. Becker recorded the following in the police report.

“Victim is currently a candidate running for office. Offender is a friend of the victim’s opponent. Yesterday the offender filed a complaint with the clerk’s office trying to discredit the victim and prove that the victim does not live in the city as is required for the position which he is running for. To back his claim the offender turned in two calendars showing where he has been tracking the victim’s activity for the last two months.”

The Vanderburgh County Election Board will be hearing Mr. Whitehouse’s complaint and Mr. Lindsey’s position regarding his residency on Thursday March 3, 2011 at 1:00 in the election office located in Room 214 of the Vanderburgh County Civic Center.


    • This is the law cited in the complaint

      IC 3-8-1-27
      Common council member
      Sec. 27. A candidate for membership on common council of a second or third class city must:
      (1) have resided in the city for at least one (1) year; and
      (2) have resided in the district in which seeking election, if applicable, for at least six (6) months; before the election.

      So since the election is in November (2) cannot be used for disqualification since there are more than 6 months remaining before the election.

      With respect to (1) there are two possibilities. First and strictest is that Mr. Lindsey needs to have lived or intended to return to a 6th Ward address since November of 2010. The second and most liberal interpretation could be has he ever lived in the City of Evansville for a year which he clearly has.

      Come March 3rd we will all know.

          • true as was his right since I believe he lived in the county last November. I have been told he moved into Evansville less than 2 weeks before filing for the office of City mayor. and I believe the same rules apply.

          • Not true. Troy has lived at his current city address off Oak Hill Road south of Lynch, and well within the city limits, for longer than the required one year minimum.

          • … AND in Troy’s case, he sleeps at the same address as his wife. Can the same be said of the subject of the article?

    • Have you ever worked for Al. Hope you don’t have to pick up supplies at his house, could be hard to find.
      How many times has he changed addresses to vote. It woud be a tough job to track Al, as mush as he seems to move.

      • I know my wife would prefer I sleep at our rent house. Unfortunately for her, we have a tenant there. Oh well …

        • You know… from some of the comments made here, if I were your wife, I’d want you to sleep at the rent house too! I wouldn’t even care if there was a tenant!

  1. It doesn’t say much for a candidate if he has to have someone stalking his opponent to find dirt on him. That’s ridiculous. If you can’t stand on your own background to get elected, then maybe you don’t need to be in that office!

    • that’s the way the machine Dems are operating this election, they don’t believe they stand a chance with the primary challengers

    • So it’s ok if a canidate doesn’t live in his legal precinct to run. That a person moves or says he moves while his wife stays at the house they own so he can run for office. Just seems strange that he has moved four times in three years just so he can vote in a certin precict.

      • The answer to can a person move from their spouse to establish residency to run for public office is yes, according to the Indiana Election Code. You’ve got a computer learn how to use it.

        • As long as they really do move where they say they do. I know what the election law says, I just question the mans honesty.

          • I’m laughing and remembering when a mutual friend of ours was going to claim residency in an apartment above Coon Dog Liquors. LOL!

          • As a wife of an Evansville Firefighter, I hope no one is “stalking” my house. They would find that most of the time, his truck is not here either. Between working at the Fire Station 24 hours every other day, working other jobs on his days off, taking care of and enjoying our place down on Barkley Lake, and everything else that goes on in our life, I can understand that it might look like he doesn’t live here to someone that DOES NOT know him. But I can assure you, he does live here.
            Any person that knows Al Lindsey knows that he’s an honest person, and a person who will work hard for people of the 6th Ward. IT IS time for a change.. VOTE AL LINDSEY FOR 6TH WARD CITY COUNCIL…

    • He obviously was playing watchdog and going over to the house twice a day. Not only that the complaining stalker somehow got access to Lindsey’s work schedule and took time off from stalking when Lindsey was scheduled to be at the firehouse. Sounds like some compulsive disorder to me. I wonder if he took pictures?

  2. I will be so glad to see Al’s name in the winners column!!! And can you believe that someone is stealing Patrick McBride’s yard signs? Sounds like 2 people are nervous about this election!!

    • Someone stealing signs in the 2nd ward, that’s a first… Had mine stolen and or cut to ribbons last time I ran for City Council. I had to replace all of my signs more than 3 or 4 times. Had one large sign stolen 3 times in one day. Hope I don’t have that problem this year.

  3. soon 2 be didnt troys wife try and cheat on her taxes by filing for a homestead tax credit on a house she did not live in ,that is dishonest i may not be the brightest crayon in the box but i pay my taxes and i dont cheat on em either ,i dont trust troy any further then i can throw em !!!

    • Troy’s wife, her taxes, her ownership of two homes, a homestead tax credit, Troy’s credibility, blah, blah, blah, had nothing to do with the question I was addressing. And I simply provided an answer to the misinformation regarding his city residency requirement. Troy has lived inside the City of Evansville corporate limits for well over the minimum requirement to run for mayor. Beyond that, his qualifications are a matter of individual assessment, I suppose.

  4. Here’s some information for all of the holier than thou’s posting on this website, the person who filed this complaint is a close personal friend with Watts and his in-laws, not a concerned citizen wanting to see justice done. He is also in bankruptcy at this time and hasn’t paid his property taxes in 3 years. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Concerned citizen I think not. Stooge for Watt’s and Mosby I think so.

  5. Better be carefull, with all that info you have on him, he might file a stalking charge on you.

  6. mfcdkw,
    seems as if you are scared for the Mosby/Watts team to get defeated. The voters will voice their decision on May 3rd.
    Good luck Al. You will do great!

  7. Another Classic brought to you by the “Darkside Democrats”.
    Laughable,—is the only word for the antics that the Weinzapfel/Watts team have come up with. This “Stalking” beats out the “Disappering Booth” hands down, or should I say, by a set of Hand-cuffs.

    Mr. Lindsey, Good Luck in the Primary!

  8. Mr. Randall Whitehouse, AKA the Stalker, seems to be the one to keep an eye on.

    If I were Lindsey, I would file for a harassment restraining order.

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