City Announces Backflow Preventer Testing


The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) requires municipal water suppliers to develop and implement a comprehensive cross connection control program for the elimination of existing cross connections and prevention or protection from all future cross connections.

A requirement of the program implemented by the Evansville Water and Sewer Utility is to track all backflow preventers that may be located on city water systems. The purpose of a backflow preventer is to allow city water to be used at water utility customer locations, but not allow that water to come back into the distribution systems. They are in essence check valves that only allow water to flow in one direction.

Backflow preventers are located on water connections throughout the city, including most commercial and industrial establishments. Many residential customers also have backflow preventers, but may not be aware. Backflow preventers may be located on fire protection systems, lawn irrigation systems, boiler systems, swimming pools and more.

According to Indiana Plumbing Codes and IDEM regulations, backflow preventers must be tested annually by a certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester. Locally, fire sprinkler companies and/or plumbing companies may have certified testers on-staff. Testers will enter the test results on the city’s new eco-friendly online backflow tracking system. Additional Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers are needed. If you are certified Tester, please register free at

Aqua Backflow, a cross connection control management firm based in Elgin, Ill., has been hired to implement and oversee Evansville’s cross connection control program. Municipal and Military customers throughout the country utilize the services of Aqua Backflow.

If you require backflow protection, testing, repairs or installation, contact Aqua Backflow or Regulatory Compliance Officer Jeff Merrick toll-free at 866-777-2124. The Evansville Water & Sewer Utility can be reached at 812-428-0548.The Evansville cross connection control program is designed to safeguard public health. We ask for your cooperation with our program and enforcement.