City And County Employees Wait For Conference Call Concerning Tomorrow Civic Center Closing

Marsha Abell
Marsha Abell

There will be a conference call Thursday evening with the weather service to determine the affect this potential winter storm will have on driving conditions on Friday.  To be informed, it is suggested that you listen to the radio and watch the television stations on Friday morning to know if the civic center will be open or closed on Friday.

I will also attempt to send an email identical to this one as soon as the decision is made for work tomorrow.   This decision involves the county commission, mayor and public safety so all of us will be a part of the conference call.  I would suggest that you watch the 10:00 PM news on Thursday in the event the decision has been made by then, we will attempt to get it on the news.

Marsha Abell, Vanderburgh

County Commission President


  1. Are you kidding me. Doesn’t Abell and the Mayor follow the weather reports? This memo is really laughable.

    • Its a need I suppose, really shouldn’t kid’em Sara,considering the group in mass there.
      Pull up the NWS/NOAA Paducah site,put your location on the map and you will get a report right on the money. Suggested that same concept the other week with the severe tornatic threats(that also came to be),however the CCO didn’t set a link on their page,However the C&P did :),wouldn’t use them though only because one still must pay them to access something you have already federally funded in The NWS provided forecast.

      During the situations like this they send videos through their multimedia button click. Real science,real forecasting. Its the job they work hard to do for us. Heck put’em on your phone,pull it up when you want to know the weather skinny, “straight” with a chaser.” 🙂

      Information without the hype,from the original source, that the hype uses anyway. “More bang for your buck”

      Lately sometimes I think the forecasting follows just what I see coming 4-5 days ahead of time anyway so really,I am seldom surprised by just what weather incursion does move into the regions observed anyway. It’s probably gonna be nasty on Sunday too from what they are seeing now.

      • And Sara,might I add,with the NOAA NWS forecast and the informational video,so far…you don’t have to wait on a damned pop-up add,or some other blasted commercialized eye junk to see the scientific spot on weather forecast. Huge advantage, if useful time management is an real issue. 😉

    • Actually Wayne: with true weather forecasters they study the scientific data and draw an educated conclusion from the un-biased mechanical data produced by the non human and calibrated,thus certifiable equipment in process to create a forecast discussion by the persons educated in the use of the science actuated devices and methods.
      Hoopla lacking, fluff-less advice collected and certified by qualified experts in the field of the meteorological sciences involved in Earth and Solar weather observation and prediction.
      Once in a while the data is off a bit,however the forecast will usually remain scientifically data based by timing offered. Such as an amount of accumulated precipitation that could be effected by a change in frontal passage timing.

      Unlike political forecasts,and all of the however vague,fudged,evasive numbers,and constant orientation of the facts required it seems to make a political statement or promise. Such as “If you like your plan you can keep your plan” or The data that shows a 37.5 million dollar hotel deal is the best plan,but wait! Due to an incursion, now 20.5 million is possible. Or the Nancy Palosi statement, “but we have to pass the bill,so we can find out whats in it,away from the FOG of the controversy.” Dang! “almost” nailed it there.

      Yeah,here’s your forecast Wayne,go out and stand in the rain after midnight,and if it freezes on your hat,its going to be cold, as well.

      Good thing,weather science prediction at least uses some actual recovered environmental mechanical and bio-spherical data before making an prediction that effects those involved who might have to adjust a given life pathway to adapt for the result! “Real accountable bang for the buck”

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