Citizen And Trooper Helps Render Aid To Unknown Female In Distress


On July 27 at approximately 5:15 p.m., Trooper Nick Hatfield was patrolling on 6thStreet near Executive Boulevard in Vincennes when a driver from a nearby vehicle began to flash their headlights toward Trooper Hatfield.

The vehicle quickly pulled over and Trooper Hatfield pulled in behind the vehicle. A male driver jumped out of his vehicle with a cellphone in his hand and started to explain to Trooper Hatfield that someone that he didn’t know just called his cellphone and that the female sounded like she was in distress and needed help. Trooper Hatfield took the cellphone and attempted to communicate with the female caller, but she was panicking and difficult to understand.

Trooper Hatfield stayed on the phone with the female and was able to calm her down. Trooper Hatfield was able to determine the female had taken multiple pills and had attempted suicide. Hatfield was eventually able to obtain her address in Charleston, IL. Local police was contacted and an ambulance and fire department was immediately sent to the caller’s residence. Emergency crews arrived at 5:29 p.m. and transported her to a nearby hospital.