CHANNEL 44 NEWS: Rising Domestic Violence Cases in Indiana Raises Concerns

 The Indiana Commission Against Domestic Violence says at least 54 people died from domestic violence last year in the state of Indiana.

As the number of domestic violence cases continues to grow nationwide family, friends and counselors want everyone to be aware of the signs and know there is a way out.

For example, there have been two domestic violence deaths in Indianapolis in just three days. The latest happened just Friday morning when a woman was strangled to death by her boyfriend.

Earlier this week, a woman was killed in a domestic dispute. The latest victim’s mother is speaking out because she says she wants people who need help to get it.

“No woman should have to be abused at all,” says the mother of domestic violence victim Tina Spells.

“We know that the number is at least 1.5 to 2 x more but there were a number of homicides where we were not able to directly link this homicide happened in domestic assault,” says ICADV employee Karyn Burton.

The man accused of killing Spell’s daughter has been charged with murder.