Excise Officers End Confiscation Of CBD Oil Products

 State Senator Jim Tomes was instrumental in getting a CBD oil bill across during the most recent legislative session. He has been fighting for three years to give people with epilepsy and their families an alternative medicine source. The CBD oil bill he fought for included a clause saying that products sold must contain less than 0.3 percent THC, which is the psychoactiveelement of cannabis.

Senator Tomes says the results have been as advertised. He’s gotten calls and emails from families that say their child that could barely walk before are now running around.

Those families that are looking to buy their CBD products this summer may have had a hard time. In a sweeping article released by the Indianapolis Star, it claims that Indiana State Excise Officers collected CBD oil items across the state after the bill was passed into law.

Two of the stores mentioned are in Evansville. The article claims that Kelly’s Smoke and Food Shop and Everest Food Market both had items confiscated.

A statement released to 44NEWS by Indiana Excise Officials reads as such.

“After a review of the situation, the Indiana State Excise Police will not confiscate CBD oil products from stores unless the products clearly violate Indiana law. We will continue monitoring this issue and remain prepared to take enforcement action whenever appropriate.”


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