Chamber Head Urges Committee Members to Speak Out at Meeting for Consolidation


Committee member,

As you may know, next Tuesday will be the final public meeting of the Vanderburgh County Commissioners before they vote to determine if the Evansville/Vanderburgh government consolidation proposal goes to a referendum in November 2012. This meeting starts the clock on a 30 day time period during which both the County Commissioners and the Evansville City Council must separately approve one common plan in order for that plan to appear on a ballot in 2012.

Have you had the opportunity to share your thoughts on government unification with the elected officials who will making this decision?

If not, we encourage you to attend this meeting: Tuesday, September 16 at 5:00 room 301, Civic Center, to speak on behalf of unification.

Thank you for your interest and support of this important issue!

Thank you,



  1. If you are in favor of a referendum you must be against government unification, as the electorate is solidly against giving corrupt Democrats more power.

    • How do you figure the power will shift to Democrats in a merged countywide government? The demographic facts of life negate that happening.

  2. So, old Matt Meadors and the Chamber are in favor of unification in its present “pass it and trust us to get it right later” form.

    How is this any different than the now laughable healthcare bill that was shoved through congress as a “pass it so we can see what it says” bill that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have given us? Three years later it may be struck down in the courts and has done essentially nothing but cause the premiums to increase.

    I do not seem to recall Mr. Meadors or any other Chamber supporting the half baked health care bill. Why then is Meadors so adamantly supporting a unification plan that is less baked than the health care bill was?

    You can’t have it both ways without looking silly Matt.

    • The reason Matt Meadors supports any unification plan regardless of its state of completeness is because any unificaiton plan for Evansville-Vanderburgh gives Meadors and the Chamber more direct and influencial access to the seat of power in local government … more direct control of ordinances, planning, and tax abatement decisions by having to deal politically (financially) with a “strong mayor” who sits atop a vertically aligned, top down, boss hog heirarchy. Meadors also knows a merged local countywide demography favors the party he and the Chamber are most closely aligned with.

      • The difference between our merger and Obama Care? The difference is that with our merger, WE THE PEOPLE get to vote on it. It’s up to the citizens of our fine county to decide!!

        The people we elected are responsible to draw up a plan that they think is ‘fair’. If we don’t like that plan, then we get to vote “no”. If we like it, we get to vote “yes”.

        That’s a pretty big difference as I see it.

        • With the mood of the country in the Spring of 2009, “we the people” would have clearly voted for what is now referred to as “Obama Care”. Many of the people who voted for and pushed it through lost their jobs including the former US Representative from the 8th District of Indiana. The voters had two years to think about it but the members of congress only had 8 hours. The moral of the story is to read first and vote later and never vote for something that is not clear enough in the benefits it offers.

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