Central Labor Council Candidate Endorsements according to Mole #3


Mole #3’s projected endorsements are as follows:

Mayor of Evansville: Rick Davis (D)

City Council Ward 1: Dan McGinn (R) unopposed

City Council Ward 2: Missy Mosby (D)

City Council Ward 3: Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley (D)

City Council Ward 4: Connie Robinson (D) unopposed

City Council Ward 5: John Friend (D)

City Council Ward 6: Al Lindsey (D)

City Council At-Large Endorsements:
Dr. H. Dan Adams (D)
Conor O’Daniel (D)
Jonathan Weaver (D)


  1. No rationale requeste(D) here guys…

    Like a broken recor(D)…

    Predic(D)able as the ti(D)es…

  2. while the results were predictible, I applaud the audience for the courtesy and attention shown to all of the speakers that evening

    • While the audience was courteous, the emcee told the Mt. Vernon Republican candidate for mayor in a serious tone, “Don’t ever come back here again,” after the candidate, in answer to a question, indicated he was for right to work legislation. If you want candidates to answer questions truthfully, you shouldn’t publicly disrespect them for their answer.

      • The rudeness and the narrow minded way that the mayoral candidate was treated is not acceptable.

        It sounds like the scene on the Lion King when Simba was told “go away and never come back”

        Bunch of babies. I will seriously consider voting for anyone other than who this bunch of self serving people endorsed.

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