Central High School Government Students to Discuss VOICE


Thursday, Dec. 5

9:15 – 10:30 a.m.

Central High School, 5400 First Ave.


Students in Jill Hahn’s college-level government class at Central High School will have the opportunity tomorrow to meet with representatives from Leadership Evansville to discuss VOICE, a community-wide effort, led by Leadership Evansville, that allows citizens to share their ideas, hopes and visions for Evansville.

The meeting will help introduce an economic project that the students will work on with Mayor Winnecke and the City of Evansville beginning next semester. The project, which awarded Hahn an Olan W. Davis State Economic Award, asks students to look at Evansville and research what would be needed for continued growth. The project allows students to think outside the box, take an interest in their community, and help retain the youth of the city.

Going forward, students will think of an activity, event or place, research it, determine if there would be interest and then research similar projects around the U.S. Students will then present their projects to a board of individuals and the best three will be presented before Mayor Winnecke.