CenterPoint Energy Announces Plans To Continue Enhancement Of Reliability, Resiliency And Safety Of Its Electric Infrastructure


Evansville – May 24, 2023 – CenterPoint Energy Inc.’s (“CenterPoint Energy”) Indiana-based electric business today announced plans to further enhance the reliability, resiliency and safety of its infrastructure, filing a five-year plan with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) to continue execution of the company’s electric infrastructure improvement strategy.

The proposed nearly $455 million plan, which will fund more than 300 projects, is the next phase of the modernization work originally approved by the IURC in 2017. Over the next five years, CenterPoint Energy plans to continue making strategic long-term infrastructure investments to maintain and enhance reliability and resiliency, manage life-cycle assets from aging equipment, and modernize the grid for customer benefit, while striving to safely deliver service.

“We are continuing our modernization and infrastructure investments to enhance the reliability and resiliency of our electric grid and allow for greater flexibility to meet the current and future energy needs of our customers,” said Richard Leger, Senior Vice President, Indiana Electric. “Additionally, these investments will replace aging equipment, which is expected to reduce equipment malfunction, restoration costs and the number of outages our customers experience during both blue-sky days and extreme weather events.”

During the first phase of the modernization program, CenterPoint Energy replaced and installed more than 220 miles of overhead conductors, 125 miles of underground conductors and 135 substation circuit breakers. Also, more than 2,600 transmission and 8,600 distribution structures were replaced or installed, and nearly 130 miles of transmission line were upgraded or installed.

The Second Phase Of Proposed Enhancements Will Include:

  • Overhead 12kV circuit rebuilds to replace aged conductors, poles, hardware and equipment to satisfy more robust construction standards and incorporate looping to improve reliability and allow foralternate feeds for re-energizing customers during extended outages.
  • Distribution automation to minimize the outage impact and duration and allow for evolving distribution technology to accommodate both electric vehicles and distributed energy resources.
  • Underground rebuilds to replace aging underground bare cable with a jacketed

cable that meets current construction standards and incorporate looping technologies to improve grid resilience to provide alternate feeds for reenergizing customers during extended outages.

  • Wood pole replacement and treatment program to utilize inspection data of approximately 11,000 poles annually with the flexibility to address urgent and emergent situations as those are identified.
  • Substation rebuilds to replace aging infrastructure and reduce the risk of failure, including catastrophic failure through the replacement of transformers, breakers, relays, and communications equipment.
  • Transmission line rebuilds to incorporate the conversion from wood poles to steel poles and reconductoring to increase the line capacity to allow for additional load without creating a new transmission line footprint. Additional Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) installation to allow modernization of communication systems to enable future automation.
  • Physical security program to increase security to protect the company’s most critical assets from increased physical threat of electric grid and substation attacks.

In this proposed plan, CenterPoint Energy is requesting recovery of the capital expenditures of investments made in 2024 through 2028. State law allows energy companies to prepare and submit infrastructure modernization plans with gradual cost recovery for which the IURC has ultimate approval rights and oversight authority. If the grid modernization plan is approved as is, the typical residential customer using 1000 kWh per month is expected to see an annual increase of approximately $3 per month on bills under the Transmission, Distribution, and Storage System Improvement Charge (TDSIC). No increase is expected until November 2024.

“As we look toward our customers’ future energy needs, we understand affordability is important. We are continuously modeling and balancing bill impacts, while executing on these necessary reliability and resiliency infrastructure improvements,” said Leger. “These projects will allow us to utilize ever evolving technologies, which is expected to result in enhanced reliability, fewer outages and improve restoration response for years to come.”

Today’s filing does not impact natural gas bills, nor is it related to CenterPoint Energy’s recently announced Integrated Resource Plan preferred portfolio.


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