CCO Moles say Abell Called Out Mayor Winnecke over Downtown Med School Support

Marcia Abell
Marsha  Abell

Two the CCO’s most accurate MOLES have taken issue with the Sunday IS IT TRUE which we actually ran by Commissioner Marsha Abell for her approval. She supplied the exact words in yesterday’s IS IT TRUE that we quoted. Two attendees at the Vanderburgh County Republican breakfast have stood by the following assertion for what Commissioner Abell actually said and supplied the following narrative.

It does sound like Marsha is trying to back-peddle and may have misinformed Ron of what was actually said. I wish now that I had recorded it, obviously. What is posted on the City-County Observer page is not accurate based on what I heard. She specifically called out the proposal by the mayor and did not agree that it should be put downtown at all. If truth in reporting is important, which I believe it is to you and the CCO, I would change that immediately. She also said things such as ‘let Warrick County deal with the water and sewer costs’.

While the CCO sees that there is enough wiggle room in both Commissioner Abell’s statement and this one for both to be true, this one does shine a different light on the tone of the breakfast speech.


  1. I have a suggestion for Ms. Abell for a press release regarding her Saturday statement. Maybe she should just say, “Please disregard my previous statement on this matter. I was drunk when I made it.” I doubt that it is true, but the same can be said of any other statement she may make in the matter. At least my suggestion is short, and a lot of the public could sympathize with the claim.

    • Where is the Marsha that said “the Centre can’t survive without a hotel” and proceeded to make a naming rights deal with ONB? Where is the Marsha all draped in pearls and a little black dress for the Mayor’s latest hotel announcement? She’s still in there. Marsha worships the ground that Winnecke walks on and proved it by supporting consolidation of city and county government. Now she is backing away from supporting the IU Medical School in any county only location. To hell with her.

  2. I do not agree with Winnecke’s ‘fight like the dickens’ for downtown approach, nor do I agree we should just let Warrick have it without a fight, but we need to have a serious open discussion as a community how far we’re really willing to go to support this thing. I do not agree with those saying we should ‘go all in’, as if the transformative power of one med school would be worth emptying the city coffers and leveraging to the hilt. I prefer the letting Warrick have it to taking this approach.

    I’d like to hear from Winnecke, Abell, Friend, Ungentheim, etc. where they think the cutoff should be. $100m? $150m? How much debt are we willing to incur for this?

    • Brad, off the top of my head, I recall the remaining borrowing power to be 85 mil. …

  3. Keep in mind that bankers build hometowns while real estate agents sell wherever they can turn a buck. For example, it was Evansville real estate agents who guided most of the Toyota’s management past Cambridge Village in northern Vanderburgh County and into Warrick.

    What’s next for Evansville?

    • If I was new to the area, I would choose Warrick Co, because of the schools.
      As for what’s next for Evansville, higher water and sewer bills is about it. Maybe Berry Plastics will bring us a few more jobs, if we’re lucky and pay them enough “tribute”.

  4. I now have it at a 100% chance that this city completely blows this opportunity to construct a med school that will actually be worth something.

    Abel isn’t happy until this whole region is mowed down with parking lots, Winnecke isn’t happy until he’s picked another half baked lot downtown, and Parke keeps running like a chicken every time I ask him which lot, old central or old greyhound, is better.

    And we have “leaders” running our government? I think not.

    • Rails&RobertsStadium : I suggest you run for office since you know so much. Oh– you will have to use your own name. You have sdhown many examples of a leadership in your postings in CCO.

      What have you ever led in the real world that gives you all this knowledge that you have?

      • This is a terrible and flat out pathetic attempt for you to try to justify why you keep avoiding my questions. First of all, I don’t hide behind a sn. Just about everyone on here calls me by my real name, and I sign my name behind all my articles, most recently the IUMS article…

        You’ve tried these hailmary tactics over and over Parke and they just aren’t working. There is ZERO reasons why you can’t do the right thing and say the old central lot is better than the old greyhound lot. There was also NO reason whatsoever why you couldn’t sign the Adam William’s petition to bring the ball fields to Kleymeyer Park.

        You come on here and expect people to listen to you, yet every time I ask you a big question with regards to Roberts, the cemeteries, the ball fields, and the med school lots just to name a few, you run like a chicken. Bu of course, you had no problem running your mouth on here about how the cemetery funds in the budget was just a drop in the bucket. Last I checked, you did nothing to raise funds for anything that didn’t benefit you and Winnecke personally.

        I’m going to keep asking you the big questions. You ignoring them will just look bad on you.

      • Rails running for office is a great idea. If you had any sense you would be trying to win him to the republican brand. He has vision and some great ideas.

        However, my advise to him has been to leave town for someplace that appreciates what he has to offer. If I was younger and my business would fit in a U-Haul, I would. The GOB network of this city, which I see you as part of it, will eat him or anyone like him.

        That you scold him rather than try to win him to your fold is indicative of why this city is forgotten.

        And answer the man’s question.

        • I agree. Wayne should answer Jordan’s questions. Wayne should also stop being so combative with everyone and should start doing his damn job of trying to welcome and invite people into the Vanderburgh Republican tent.

      • Wayne would you support him over your chosen few? I an still not going to tell you my name. I did once and a few minutes later you butchered my name while acting like I was an old friend!

  5. I am hearing that Marshs approves of a downtown Hotel but not a downtown Med school?

    Please Dog somebody tell me I am wrong and misinformed.

    That sewers and infrastructure are easy to build and finance for a downtown hotel but hard for a Med school.

    I would not want to misprepresnet someone’s position for that is not a nice thing to do.

    I’s beginning to think EKB suggestion was the best. That intoxication should be blamed and everyone can carry on as before.


  6. Editor

    Not that I care, but her name is misspelled under the picture. It is “Marsha”, not “Marcia”

    I have other names for her, but none that are printable.

  7. It’s just another feeble attempt by Abell to reverse her opinion once she realizes what a dunce she’s been. She’s nothing but old-school politics who tries to use bullying and cover-ups when she makes gaffes… which is frequent.

    We need to get Vanderburgh County into the 21st century and get rid of politicians like her who hold us back and have no progressive thoughts in their bodies.

    • Geez. When that super-wealthy little bitty,lopped eared,Texan said ,NAFTA to equate,or should be forecasted as a good methodology to create a large geophysical and geographically social economic,however huge audible sucking sound,he, apparently had never been around your local metros geopolitical region.
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      “ut sementum feceris ita metes”

      “as you sow so shall you reap” (Horace)

  8. Hey Wayne have you talked with the Governor about putting the Evansville Gaming boat on land yet? O get it, you haven’t time because your to busy trashing people on the CCO.

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