CCO Editor Featured in CBS Interview about President Obama’s Latest Initiative


Joe Wallace, Managing Director, Coachella Valley Innovation Hub
Joe Wallace, Managing Director, Coachella Valley Innovation Hub

Joe Wallace, editor of the City County Observer and the Managing Director of the Coachella Valley Innovation Hub was interviewed by CBS today regarding President Obama’s announcement about establishing an innovation hub in North Carolina.

When asked by the reporter how he felt when he watched President Obama announcing a new program like the one he was the founding managing director for in California, Wallace said, “it was strangely satisfying to see the President of the United States announcing a plan to embark on a program that was established in California over 2 years ago.” Wallace stated that he hopes every innovation hub in the nation achieves the same level of success as the Coachella Valley Innovation Hub.

A link to the interview is on the following link.


    Joe Wallace shows the way

    Some are born with talent and Joe is certainly one of these, however, his hard work and selfless contributions, are his greatest virtues.

    California’s wide open style of living, thinking and willingness to change are ideal for Joe. There, his crystal clear vision, precise value judgement and creative instincts find fertile ground.

    This writer, seizes this moment to thank Joe for holding us within his realm of influence. As editor of the C-CO and friend of this community, he and Ron stand guard and enrich us all. We must never take these two for granted.

    One’s success in life is proportionate with his willingness to sacrifice. Nothing worthwhile is easy. I thank for your hard work and considerable philanthropy.

    • Well stated BG. And thank you Joe for not leaving Evansville when moving across the country. We all need to expand our horizons daily in all directions and the CCO facilitates that. Have another wonderful year!

  2. Can you post a link to what Obama said? This smells like when the idiot conservatives misquoted Al Gore claiming he thought he invented the internet.

      • I got a chance to watch it when I got home. I don’t see what the chip on the shoulder is about. This was just an example of a similar hub, though yours was around before it. Did you request a visit from the president 2 years ago and you were rebuffed? I’d say he would have equally positive things to say about what you’re doing out there.

        • No chip and never requested a visit. I am sure he would say nice things about what we have done. I do wonder how he arrived at the $200 Million figure he used to put up an innovation hub. We haven’t even spent a million yet. I would not have any idea how to spend $200 Million on all 45 of the iHubs the President spoke of yesterday.

          • That’s because you’re obviously not a liberal. They lie awake thinking of new ways to line each other’s pockets with our taxpayer $$.
            Congratulations on your success.

  3. This is incredible Joe. I wish Evansville would do the right thing and make a financially loaded contract offer for you to come back and turn our old Hercules Plant district into an Innovation Hub and Tech Park.

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