CCO Announces Judge Trockman As Its Third “Mole Award” Winner of 2013


judge Trockman

The City-County Observer is excited to announce that the Honorable Judge Wayne Trockman has been selected as the third “Mole Award” winner for 2013. Judge Trockman is nationally recognized for his work in creating the Vanderburgh County Drug Court. Trockman’s “Drug Court” has proven highly successful and quickly became a model for other counties in Indiana to duplicate. In the current judicial model non-violent offenders are rehabilitated in small, segregated communities where they receive counseling and help with their addiction. Due to the success of Trockman’s “Drug Court” the rate of re-offenders in Vanderburgh County has been drastically reduced.

In addition to his impressive judicial career Judge Trockman spends much of his off-time participating in various organizations to bolster the community. Judge Trockman served as Co-Chair of the Volunteer Lawyer Association of Southwest Indiana from 2006 to 2012, which provides pro-bono legal services to the poor in thirteen counties within it’s district. Judge Trockman is also a recipient of the esteemed Jefferson Award from the American Institute for Public Service for services rendered to the community. These are just a couple examples in a long list of awards and accomplishments that Judge Trockman career has seen both on and off of the bench.

It is for these reasons that the City-County Observer “Mole Award” selection committee has chosen the Honorable Judge Trockman as one of its recipients for 2013. Ron Cosby, CCO Chairman of the Board, spoke of Trockman, “Judge Trockman is not only regarded as one of the top judges in Indiana, he is also considered to be an outstanding leader of this community.” Judge Trockman’s selection as a recipient of the “Mole Award” follows the selection of Matthew Burkhart of Newburgh for his work in lobbying reformation of child labor laws in Indiana and Judge Trockman’s son Ben Trockman for his work in addressing the enormous challenges facing special needs persons traveling by air. This is the first time a father and son have won a “Mole Award” in the same year since it’s inception. The winners will be presented their “Mole Awards” during this year’s annual City-County Observer “Mole Awards” Banquet to be held at Casino Aztar in October.


  1. Yet another excellent choice. I think this is the year the mole finally digs himself out of his hole and takes back his honor and integrity from the local politicos who have abused him.

    The CCO needs to do a 9 Mole Show with 6 more nominations (in no particular order)…

    1. Alan Brille- Think about how much guts it took for this man to sue the city to save a 56 year old building. If that’s not good public policy I don’t know what is.

    2. John Blair- Think about all of the environmental issues he has held the city and state accountable for. Finally somebody fighting Vectren.

    3. Frank Peterlin- This private sector business owner was going to construct 3 windmills with his OWN money and was going to put them right off the Lloyd as a monument to what Evansville can be with GBT arriving at the old Whirlpool plant. He was rebuffed because of a jealous competitor.

    4. Joe Wallace- His dedication to this site has put it on the top of the online media industry. No doubt about it. Oh yea, he just happens to be successful in California at what he was trying to convince this city to do.

    5. Ron Cosby- Think about all of the great things that have happened because he took the time to create this site. Think about how awful things were before he created this site. Nuff said…

    6. Sylvia Trabits-Neiemeier/Martha Crosley- Friends of Wesselman Park- This group stopped BOTH the ball fields project AND the tennis court project. That’s twice what I can say. They made it look too easy.

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