CCO Launches New Web Site Theme. City-County Observer’s Mission Remains the Same.


After months of planning the City County Observer decided to launch our new web site theme yesterday, Easter Sunday. Easter was extremely important to us and our readers because it symbolic of rebirth and resurrection. After 10 years in the newspaper business it’s obvious its time for us to take this publication to the next level.

In the earlier years the CCO was printed and hand delivered to every political entity within Vanderburgh County proper. After a while it was obvious that the time, cost and delivery method was cost prohibitive. We decided that it was time to spend the time, money and effort in deliver the CCO to the masses by internet. This has proven to be the right medium for our publication.

Today we deliver our readers a new and improved City County Observer in hopes you will find it more informative and user friendly. We have added additional sections such as sports, stock markets, and weather reports for your reading enjoyment to mention a few.

Please be patient with us because we are aware that within the next couple of weeks we shall be making corrections and adjustments in our layout and new theme format! We will continue creating the best user-friendly layout possible. Please enjoy the new City County Observer Newspaper theme!

Finally, the primary focus of this publication was built upon the foundation of honesty, trust and the strong principals of journalistic integrity. Our mission is to give our readers the answers to vital, often complex information they need to live safer and more enriched lives.

This publication is a nonpartisan with consistent and objective reporting. We will not only report and inform our readers about political events, but we will seek out and provide insight into the not so apparent political issues which help shape our lives. In essence our publication was built on the cornerstone of service and trust to the taxpayers and citizens of Evansville, Vanderburgh County and surrounding communities.

While we strive to educate and inform, we shall serve as a community watchdog by sounding the alarm whenever our citizens rights are in danger of being violated by our elected and appointed officials. We also encourage our appointed officials to always consider the welfare of our citizens.

In essence, we realize that a community can have no greater ambassador of good will than one which keeps its citizens informed about the accomplishments and trumps of their appointed officials. To this end the City County Observer takes the next step forward. Please join us!


  1. The new look is impressive. The old site reminded me of a blog, but I enjoyed the content. The new look is more “professional”. Looking forward to getting used to it and learning all the new features.

  2. Addios Courier & Press, Nice to Have a News Source Without an Agenda. Stay True to That !

  3. Last week you had an article “Emails Show Corruption At Heart Of Obama Administration”. After the site change, I cannot find it. Is it still on your site??

  4. wow what a great move CCO. When finished your site is going to look like a real newspaper. Just love new features article your adding.

  5. Three cheers to the CCO Evansville real home town newspaper. Out with the old and in with the new.

  6. Can’t wait to see what this site will look at when it is completely finished.

    I’m really glad I changed from reading the Courier and Press and came over to the CCO.

    This new site is a great marketing move.

  7. My comments from yesterday seem to have disappeared. As I said yesterday, Congratulations to the CCO. I’m so pleased to see you’re stepping into the void created when the Courier “sold out” to the current powers-that-be.

    • Yeah I noticed some disappearance too. I also miss the sidebar that linked to most recent comments made on stories. It all seems. too much. I think I would prefer a Reddit type format. Much faster to navigate thru…

      USI got a new logo…I wondered who dropped the ball in allowing the old logo to be used on this site.

  8. Awesome new site. This has lots more appeal! I have now become an official transfer from courier and press. You have more info and I can see new changes that put a smile on my face! Way to go CCO!

  9. I got a slight scare yesterday when visiting this website because it must have still been under construction and did not display properly.
    Looks good today and keep up the work of “and the rest of the story is” publishing.

  10. Site is awesome CCO. Glad you left the old ways and moved on to bigger and better things!!! Congrats!

    • I think the CCO must have hired Obama to do the switch to the new website. It has been up and down all day long just like in the first three days. I bet they get it working faster than Obama did though.

  11. Alice I agree with you. Ghost shut your fat month and go elsewhere. Site is looking super. Looks like we official have a first class on line newspaper so the people of this area can now get a second opinion.

  12. Much better looking site. The addition of the obits is a strong move.

    The bugs will be undoubtedly be worked out in due time. Site really looks nice.

  13. Looks like the CCO has finally arrived. Looks like 10 years of hard work has finally paid off.

  14. Well, well, well looks like the CCO is finally on the right track.

    Bet Wayne Parke and team can’t stand it. Please take time and pass the newly designed CCO to all your family members and friends. Together we all can promote a second media opinion for on-line newspaper coverage for our citizens to read. The real truth will set you free!

  15. Job well done CCO. Really nice new web site. Support the CCO your real hometown newspaper.

  16. Great move CCO by putting the weather report and college sports on your new site.

    • Which might not be all bad. Too many videos on some sites slow them down, view them on your phone and the videos playing in the background eat up mega if not giga bytes. The advertisers are also missing from the sideboard (the banner ads are still up and more colorful than ever). I think they really can make this a better thing, now is the time to do it, get some good design and technical advice. It’s still got a lot of kinks in it and that’s to be expected for a while.

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