Casino Aztar Executes Disaster Drill


On the morning of Tuesday, June 26th, 2012, an unexpected incident will occur aboard
Casino Aztar’s City of Evansville Riverboat Casino that will put both patrons and
employees in great danger. This frightful situation will only be part of an annual drill but
one for which Casino Aztar must be prepared.

Each year, Casino Aztar, located in Downtown Evansville, Indiana, tests and updates its
emergency response plans with a state-required Disaster Drill. On June 26th, Casino
Aztar employees will be instructed to perform various roles in the complex scenario.

This is a full scale exercise that will include a number of local agencies including the
Evansville Police Department, SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) Team, Evansville
Fire Department, Indiana Gaming Commission and American Medical Response Team.

The exercise will be conducted between 8:00AM and 10:30AM and will require the use
of Casino Level One. However, Casino Levels Two and Three will be accessible to Aztar
guests and visitors during this time.


  1. I’ll lay even odds that Aztar will emerge unscathed from this experience…

  2. Another great move by Aztar CEO, Ward Shaw. This drill will protect Aztar patrons and employees alike in case of unexpected problems.

    Ward has proven to be a postive leader of this community. Oh, Aztar has proven to be a good corporate citizen for this area!

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