Carla Hayden Is Our Choice For Vanderburgh County Clerk Of The Circuit Court


Carla Hayden is our choice for Vanderburgh County Clerk of the Circuit Court

October 15, 2020

The City-County Observer is pleased to announce that we are recommending that Republican Carla Hayden be re-elected as the Vanderburgh County Clerk Of The Circuit Court.

Four years ago Carla Hayden ran for the Vanderburgh County Clerk Of The Circuit Court and was elected by an impressive margin. She has proven to very competent in this most important elected position. Carla has the reputation of being a demanding and detailed person. Long-time Republican Election Board President Tom Massey said “Carla and her staff have done an outstanding job for the voters of Vanderburgh County.  She is very fair, diligent, and hardworking.  It is a pleasure to serve with her on the County Election Board.”

Born and raised in Southwestern Indiana, Carla Hayden learned the importance of family and the value of hard work from her mother, now a retired factory worker, and her father, now a retired union carpenter and union coal miner.

After graduating with honors from Pike Central High School near Petersburg, Indiana, and taking a break to start a family, Carla attended Vincennes University full-time during the day while working full-time in a factory at night in order to further her education.

Since graduating cum laude in 1989 with a degree in Paralegal Studies, Carla has used her degree in both the public and private sectors, including serving nearly eight years as Chief Deputy Clerk and nearly four years as the current Clerk of the Circuit Court.  She also worked as a paralegal in the fields of Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, and Elder Law.  In 2005, Carla was hired as a consultant on the Indiana Statewide Voter Registration Project.  

As Clerk of the Circuit Court, the record keeper and chief financial officer of the courts, Carla brought to the job a working knowledge of both the legal system and county government, including those duties specific to the Clerk’s Office.  Carla is a Paralegal Member of the Evansville Bar Association and currently serves on the Legislative Committee of the Association of the Clerks of Circuit Courts of Indiana, which propose new legislation and works with legislators to either pass or defeat bills that impact Clerks. 

As the Chief Elections Officer for the County, Carla has administered five (5) elections as Clerk and previously assisted with administering twelve (12) elections as Chief Deputy Clerk.  

Carla is a fiscal conservative and looks for ways to improve the Clerk’s office. In 2017, Carla purchased directional signage for the Courts Building using the Clerk’s Record Perpetuation Fund, which is funded by court fees.  The signage helps direct the public to the courtroom where their case is being heard and provides other useful information.  Carla also purchased hi-density shelving for the basement of the Civic Center using the same fund, quadrupling the usable storage space and allowing some highly demanded records to be brought back onsite from a paid offsite storage facility. 

In Spring 2020, Carla worked with the Vanderburgh County Council to purchase new epoll books using Riverboat Funds.  These replaced the old laptops that could no longer legally be used.  For Fall 2020, Carla worked with Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson and using a federal grant, purchased new voting machines with a voter-verified paper audit trail.  In addition to receiving over $2 million in new equipment at no cost to the taxpayers of Vanderburgh County, the county will also receive a refund of $243,720 for funds already expended in 2020.

Carla and her daughter, Vanessa, live in Evansville.  In her spare time, Carla enjoys watching movies, traveling, and spending time with family and friends

We respectfully ask that you consider casting your vote for Vanderburgh County Clerk Of The Circuit Court Carla Hayden (R) in the upcoming November 3, 2020, general election because has earned the right to serve another 4-year term in this most prestigious elected position.





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