Bullibone Competes To Win Spot ON WalMart Shelves


Local inventor of a dog treat named BULLIBONE has been selected by WalMart as a finalist to win a spot on the their retail shelving space. BULLIBONE  started in the garage of well known area inventor Lee Willingham and his dog named Boogie formally of Henderson, Ky.


As of this date BULLIBONE are  sold over 400 store s nation wide.  Bullibone presently has two distributors and looking to acquire more.  BULLIBONES are in 180 Jewell Osco store nation wide.  Deadline to cast your vote for Bullibone is Sept. 2, 2013.  You can cast your vote daily on the attached link to Walmart voting page.  BULLIBONE is also sold many area pet stores.

If you have any interest in becoming a BULLIBONE distributor please call Lee at 1-618-384-1028.  The  BULLIBONE  comes in two flavors (beef and peanut butter) and two sizes, large and small

If selected as a winner of this contest it shall mean a multi-million contract for BULLIBONE with this retail giant.