Bucshon Protestors Wonder “Is There a Doctor in the House?”


220px-Larry_Bucshon,_official_portrait,_112th_Congressby Brad Linzy

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A peaceful demonstration gathered in front of the Evansville Federal Building early Friday afternoon where the local office of Congressman Larry Bucshon is located. Among the demonstrators were Republican Precinct Committeemen Brenda Bergwitz and Phillip Schultz, Vanderburgh County Libertarian Party Chairman Bart Gadau, and a host of other activists both inside and outside the Republican Party.

The focus of the demonstration was to draw the attention of Congressman Bucshon and ask for a local town hall Q&A session to be held. The demonstrators say they have questions for the Congressman they’d like to ask in a public forum. Among the most prevalent questions of the day seem to center around the defunding of Obamacare and a forced Congressional vote on any military action in Syria.

Around 30 to 35 people were present at the height of the demonstration. Organizers say another demonstration will be held when Congressman Bucshon has his scheduled fundraiser at the American Patriot Group White House building on Evansville’s east side.

This author would like to know if holding such a fundraiser in a building owned by a military contractor at a time when the US is talking about yet another military intervention in the Middle East is appropriate. Time will tell if the Congressman holds a town hall locally to answer these and other constituent concerns.



  1. Here’s the guest list for the upcoming Bucshon fundraiser:

    Steven Chancellor – Owner of Ameriqual Foods, maker of miliatry Meals Ready to Eat (MRE), former owner of Black Beauty Coal, former colleague of our very own Wayne Parke.

    David Childs – President of Midland Powder CO, maker and wholesaler of explosives used in mining, demolition, and other projects.

    Joe Craft – Owner of Alliance Coal (formerly MAPCO), Head of Mitt Romney Finance Campaign in Kentucky http://www.kentucky.com/2012/11/04/2395622/billionaire-joe-craft-at-nexus.html

    Kelly Knight – Civic activist and former alternate delegate to the United Nations General Assembly, Head of Mitt Romney Finance Campaign in Kentucky

    Robert Grand – Lawyer and Lobbyist at the Indy firm Barnes and Thornburg

    John Hammond – Lobbyist for Ice Miller LLP. Both Ice Miller and Barnes and Thornburg lobbying groups have been hired in the past by Simon Property Group according to http://www.opensecrets.org/lobby/clientsum.php?id=D000037598&year=2013

    Jeffrey L. Knight – Executive Vice President-Chief Legal Counsel at Old National Bank

    Jeffrey Mulzer – Owner of Mulzer Crushed Stone, which supplies stone aggregate to public works projects
    Jon Rich – CEO of Berry Plastics (also a member of the ERBC)

    John C. Schroeder – President and CEO of Wabash Plastics, Inc. and Crescent Plastics, Inc. Board of Trustees at UE, Trustee at Wabash College. (also a member of the ERBC)

    Kathy Briscoe – Owner at F.C.Tucker Emge Realtors

    Kevin Eastridge – President of F.C. Tucker Emge Realtors

    Carl L. Chapman – President and CEO of Vectren

    Ron Christian – Executive Vice President External Affairs, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary at Vectren Corporation

    Rita and Richard Eykamp – Owners of Mid-States Rubber Products, Inc.

    Rashid Hallaway – VP of Ameriqual, Registered Lobbyist, has lobbied for Patriot Coal, former consultant in the data mining and telecomm industry

    Daniel S. Hermann – Father of former Republican Chairman and current County Prosecutor Nick Hermann, President and CEO of Ameriqual Packaging. Director of Boys & Girls Club. Served on Vanderburgh Airport Authority Board. Formerly President and COO Black Beauty Coal. (also a member of the ERBC)

    Robert Koch – Director of SIGECO, SIGCORP. President and Chief Executive Officer of Koch Enterprises, Inc. Previously a director of Fifth Third Bancorp. Retired in 2011. (also a member of the ERBC)

    Fred Palmer – Senior Vice President of Government Relations at Peabody Energy

    Ron Romain – President, Owner, and CEO of United Companies. CEO and President at Romain Buick Inc., United Leasing, Inc. and Professional Transportation, Inc. Treasurer of St. Mary’s Medical Center, Inc. Director of American Community Bancorp, Inc., St. Mary’s Medical Center, Inc., Welborn Baptist Foundation, Signature School Foundation, and Bank of Evansville (also member of the ERBC)

    Skip Seaman – President of PAR (Product Acceptance & Research)

  2. Brad you made a mistake in your post. Daniel S. Hermann is the uncle of Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann not his father.

    Oh, its very interesting to see that many of the above individuals are members of the Regional Business Committee headed by Ed Hafer that has offices located on the 7th floor of the Vectren Building.

  3. Please link to how we can contribute to Dr. Bucshon. He has fought Obama Care and I’d like help him. Mr. Linzey please give the contact info for people like me that don’t like the Obama socialist agenda.

  4. Congressman Buchson is a good conservative congressman that represents all citizens in the 8th District very good in Congress. The Vanderburgh County Republican Party fully supports Congressman Bucshon. Congressman Buchson is in constant contact with the voters of the 8th District by phone, by email etc. He speaks at many events throughout the 8th District and Q/A is allowed.

    Anyone who says different is not being honest and is marching to their own agenda and is not acting in the best interest of the citizens of the 8th District. It has been known for sometime Congressman Bucshon’s next scheduled town hall event (one of the many ways to keep in contact with the public) in the Evansville area is scheduled the last part of September. Congressman opposes Obamacare and there is going to be a Congressional vote on Syria.

    Steve Chancellor is a strong American Patriot who supports the Republican Party and has provided many high paying jobs in the tri-state area in the mining industry.

    Wayne Parke

    • Congressman Bucshon has many problems in his voting record, including the reauthorization of the Patriot Act, he needs to answer for. I may make a comprehensive list of grievances soon.

      As for your former colleague Mr. Chancellor, I see on his open secrets page where he gives the maximum amount legally allowable to BOTH the Democrat and Republican Congressional and Senatorial candidates on a regular basis.

      This can really only men one thing… He’s hedging his bets. He doesn’t give a damn who wins or what their political ideology so long as they keep the money train rolling and keep the endless wars rumbling along. Hard to hock MREs during peacetime.

    • What’s Congressman’s vote on Syria going to be? Does he believe this Administration when they say they have “proof” Assad is behind the gassing?

      These are the questions that can’t wait until the end of September, Mr. Parke. The vote will be over by then.

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