Breaking Story: Police Investigating Possible Missing Funds At City Parking Garage




The City County Observer has just learned from extremely credible sources alleging that money is missing from the City Of Evansville, Sycamore Street parking garage account?  This city owned parking garage is under the control of the Vanderburgh County Building Commission headed by Director Dave Rector and during Ford Center events ESG SECURITY are responsible for the non-police security functions inside the garage. The Evansville Police Department are presently conducting an in-depth investigation on this alleged theft of public funds.

This is a developing story and we shall keep you posted when additional information comes available.


  1. This should have been the parking garage for IUMS with the school being on the caddy-corner lot from the lot this garage sits on. But then again, half of this garage should still be the Tennessean.

    Either way, this is disturbing for funds to have been stolen from a prominent facility like this one. I have no idea how anyone could tell if the audit hasn’t been released yet much less the books balanced.

    • You’ve got a couple of good points. It does seem that it would be hard to tell what, if anything is missing, due to the state of the audit. You’re definitely right about the Tennessean. I really miss those places.

  2. I couldn’t stop laughing at the CP in the SBR article quoting the CCO mission statement sentence as if no one was familiar with the site or what it does. I’m thankful the CP joins in with the CCO on many issues started by the CCO so come on don’t play dumb about the power of the CCO and what it has accomplished.

    I’ve always been a believer that I got a fair shake with John Martin when he covered the issues I’ve worked on. But lately, some of his articles have me shaking my head.

  3. Wow. Doesn’t the city administration have any checks and balances to stop this kind of thing happening? This is a tip of the iceberg. Can’t wait till the 2012 City audit is released by the State Board of Accounts. I bet we shall see similar issue addressed in that audit.

  4. Looks like the CCO has breaking news worthy of the main stream media to copy. Lets see Courier and Press has 250 plus employees and CCO has about 5 employers. Whats wrong with this picture?

  5. Well it seems that they think that someone has miss used some funds perhaps?

    I wish that the State would just tell everyone what the State Audit of the City of Evansville Found!

  6. Ah I get it now. The Mayors recent charade about “illegal recordings”, the SBOA and SBR is to take attention from these missing funds.

  7. Here is the rest of the story from the EPD Facebook page and NIXLE press release:

    Evansville Police have completed an investigation into missing money from two city-owned parking garages. The thefts occurred on Friday May 2nd. The thefts were discovered by the manager of the city parking garages when he returned to work on Monday May 5th and audited the accounts.
    Based on the number of cars that parked in the garages during the Friday night event at the Ford Center, the manager believed the amount of money turned in by two ESG employees was very low. The city has a contract with ESG Security to collect money at the garages. ESG also provides security at the Ford Center during events.
    There were 2 ESG employees at the Sycamore St garage and 1 at the Locust St garage. One of the ESG workers at the Sycamore garage turned in the exact amount of cash to match up with the number of cars that entered the garage at their gate. The other 2 workers were short by over $400 each.
    Police were notified and began a theft investigation. Investigators determined that the two ESG workers did not turn in the parking fees for numerous cars that entered through their gates. Investigators also learned that the two suspects are dating and live together. Police have completed a case file requesting arrest warrants for both suspects charging them with theft, CL D Felony. Their names will be released if they are charged in this case.

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