State Representative Gail Riecken’s To Announce She Plans to Run For Mayor Of Evansville


    Today at 11:15AM at the C. K. Newsome Community Center State Representative Gail Riecken will be making an announcement that she will be running for the Mayor of Evansville.  

    United States Senator Joe Donnelly,  Democratic Party Candidate for Governor John Gregg, and State Democratic Party Chairman Joe Zody are part of the delegation planning to attend State Representative Gail Riecken’s Mayoral announcement.   Attendance of Senator Donnelly,  John Gregg and Joe Zody attending Representative Riecken’s Mayoral announcement is of extreme political significance.  We also have been told if State Representative Riecken is elected she will be the first female Mayor in Evansville 202 year history.

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        • Hey Cowboy…

          Remember how Rick Davis did not get it…he kept riding that Homestead Credit issue that Winnecke was up to his neck in regards….people just don’t give a crap about these sort of things….please Lloyd keep up the yesterday news and like Mr. Davis, you will be history…

        • Hey, Cowboy…please keep up the Illinois thing….the Homestead Credit thing which Davis used over and over again never hit home….even though it should have…Winnecke and his sidekick Abell were in the thick of conspiracy to rob us…but clearly the voters did not give a damn…

          Simply….five more years of this tax and spender your home value will be following exactly what happened in Detroit..down…down…down…Winnecke has failed miserably concerning the Hotel and deceitful in handling the issue just like the Homestead Credit.

        • Will Winney move to Il after Gail defeats him for the Mayor’s office? I hear that Peoria could use a new scam hotel project.

        • Didn’t John “Wilford Brimley” Gregg also visit the Comfort Suites during the Democrat legislators union funded legislative exile to Urbana, IL?

      • I hope there will be a better choice than either of Winnecke, or this anti business Liberal, neither are dynamic leaders with any new ideas, or know how. Both are looked upon with disdain at the state capitol level. She has no friends there, only enemies. So if it ever comes down to getting help from the state that will not be an option if she is in office. There is no real choice for help for evansville if either of these is elected, just the same ole Merry go round. Winnecke could’nt bring jobs, and she is pro union, and anti business so she will not be able to bring business here either. Close your eyes and pick one it will not make any difference what so ever.

        • Wow….never knew that the National Federal Independent Business would ever endorsed an anti-business liberal in the last election of the General Assembly….in fact…NO OTHER DEMOCRAT WAS ENDORSED BY THAT ORGANIZATION….get this….Winnecke opposed the elimination of Property Taxes on businesses…exactly what you expect from a TAX & SPENDER…in fact, check out your property tax assessment coming up…you will not be surprised to see a substantial increase….one would think with the Republicans in control the tax thing would be reduced…so, who in the hell is the liberal here????

    1. Great news! The Democratic party will unite behind Gail and win the City election this fall!

      • and then what………. still no jobs, still no progress, no businesses will locate here. Schools will still fail, drugs will be rampant, thugs will rape, rob, and murder. Ohhhhhh, we’ll still have lots of petty bickering!

        • Dear John….the first week Winnecke was in office he brought forward an amend to the building code, i.e. making it somewhat easier on developers…this is just one small amendment…then after that apparently the union bosses began to donate to Winnecke in fact they have endorsed Winecke for re-election. and that long awaited reform vanished..the jobs issue will always be an issue in Evanville….the highest utilities rates in the Nation…the most regulated city in all of the mid-west….pathetic wedsite impossible for potential developers and site seekers to navigate though the local govt maze. Winnecke deep, deep desire to run up the city’s debt to levels only matched by Detroit on a per capita basis…then you have his idiot chief of staff making statements that you have to spend to have prosperity (sounds like Obama-Like)…of course if you are a FOW (Friend of Winnecke) Mr. Crony Capitalist prosperity seems to come your way…and the best of both worlds a FOM (Friend of McClintoch)…their modo…we eat caviar…the many eat cake….Viva prosperity to the few….

    2. Winnecke is finished! Anybody heard from that snake Wayne Parke lately? POV?

    3. This is the political end to Winnecke. Weaver and Mosby have a hard decision to make continue being Republicans or at least pretend to being Democrats. Which they are not. Riecken for MAYOR.

      • Wonder why Missy was in such a great mood last Monday evening just to discover that Mrs. Mayor a/k/a Copper Head Carol McClintoch handed our dear Second Ward Councilwoman a $30,000 check so-called Bonus Check or could it be considered “that a girl check” …now, why is anybody surprised to see that Mosby never goes against the Winnecke but what is puzzling is what is the hell is Dream Weaver getting …just like your imagination run wild….heard that the Evansville Country Club is over the top thrilled that they will be receiving their approximate $5,000 default judgement for dues…

    4. What if Mrs. Riecken decides not to run ? Maybe these State politicians are just coming down to support her decision not to run ?

      • She’s running, and it scares your socks off! Your theory will be shot by noon on Saturday, so live in your fool’s paradise until then. The idea that she calls a news conference and State officials to announce she won’t run is asinine.

    5. I wonder if the announcement will be made standing on the tax payer built Riecken dock ?

      • Not unless it’s in the CK Newsome Center. Why should they have built a dock for a non-profit organization that could get funding? The Rieckens have done a lot for the community.

        • They are like the Dunn’s an others in the good ole persons group. They have done a lot for themselves.

          • Here you go again…Mr Dunn like Mr Romain…like Mr. Kock have created more jobs and hope for our citizens…so when this Mayor after collecting his donations refuses to even return Mr. Dunn’s calls to discussion Winnecke’s attempts to severely harm his organization, you criticize old John…then when outsourcing becomes and has become reality do not be outraged….

            • Heck we just wonder why this campaign add didn’t start fresh on todays date with the comments? The post from our group below is three days old, and it references geophysical location and some peoples perception of river front property values there.

              The question still stands about the last time Evansville actually had a fairly open election primary.

              You know, with some people that aren’t sporting old downtown real estate bound to the candidate’s campaign deal inclusion.
              Those Republicans there need to find a real fiscal conservative common sense
              candidate to move into a positive primary campaign, as well. The guy running for reelection to the mayors office political career appears to be toast best case in when election day rolls around.
              Right now there isn’t a chance we’d advise our people who vote in that cities elections to place a ballot for him, or the challenger sported in this articles campaign add like presentation.
              Our best guess is neither can outline a viable plan for that’s suitable for that towns recovery for the dirge that hangs over them via your local drivers of the geopolitical machined politics as usual there.
              We do enjoy the mainstreams medias flipping and flopping and avoidance maneuvering until their biased rants are sent and approved by the social economic campaign supporters “go ahead an set in call.” Funny stuff to watch from afar. To bad for the citizen revenue bases that remain squashed and trapped by the historically non beneficial process you all call “the game” there.

              As a centrist I’m clear on the point neither Mrs. RIecken nor your present mayor are going to really offer any real changes. If that was ever a possibility with either of them they’ve both been on the political scene there to have really made a mark, or even a scratch on a real stuff change agenda. Everybody knows that, but did you know?

              “beneficial .”
              Late Latin beneficiālis (“beneficial”), Latin beneficium (“benefit, favors”).
              Adjective. “beneficial (comparative more beneficial, superlative most beneficial)”
              “Helpful or good to something or someone. ”
               [quotations ▼]
              “Recycling and reusing garbage can be beneficial to the environment”, however, in politics this can be detrimental to any environments under that’s said governance.

        • It could have been at the new Hotel if this city did have such an incompetent Mayor…

    6. Is it true….Rieckens didn’t pay property taxes on their Inland Marina slips in Indiana until a concerned citizen brought it to Fluteys attention in 2013. Must be nice 40 plus years of no taxes! Well unless you count the eight years they’ve been paying their Kentucky taxes. Riecken for mayor…..I think not.

      • Wonder why Winnecke would not be requiring D-Pat to pay rent on the over-priced property in the amount of 8.4 MILLION dollars during the one year + period before they depart the location…..Mr. Crony Capitalist at his BEST…oh, concerned citizens need to review Winnecke’s campaign donor list…the same for the over priced CVS building at the corner of N. Main and Columbia St…been on the market for three years and the Vanderburgh County resident and DMD Director Kelly Coures agrees to pay $500k +…what a crook of crap is this? And to top it off, it has been alleged that the owner of the vacate N. Main property has been given two years of FREE rent regarding the downtown old Roger’s jewelry building…and the vacate apartments in Haynie’s Corner were purchased by DMD directed the self proclaimed real estate guru Kelly Coures and given to Architectural Innovators….it sure looks like Christmas Carol has her Santa outfit on once again…the days when Ms McClintoch, the self proclaimed first lady of Evansville was the County Commissioner known as Christmas Carol..

      • Yep. There are new screen names popping up left and right. Beaver, Messy, Schaeffer maybe among them?

        • The problem is that you and the other giddy for Gail supporters think she is different than than what we already have. At best she will be another Weinzapfel, just smarter at picking our pockets. She abandoned Hoosier workers over RTW, and she will abandon you when it favors her.

        • Of course you mean the two republicans on council…no, one Mosbycrat and the other a republican…the thirty pieces of silver gang…they still think Davis is running (RIP)…what loyal democrat would ever have a republican mayor marry him and then you have a former waitress of a failed downtown bar (the one that her cousin-in-law had interest) now allegedly receiving a $30,000 check from the FIRST LADY OF EVANSVILLE – Christmas Carol McClintoch…Shameless…Ol’ Red must be rolling in his grave!!!

        • I remember when some internet chat rooms would show the IP address of the account if you right clicked on their user names. Most web site administrators have tools that allow them to see the IP addresses too.

      • Actually i think it’s humorous to read you sheep’s comments. Hoping that you can sell a long time insider as an outsider who will straighten out the perceived mess. She has been part of the good ole persons network much longer than the current officeholder.

        • What…..Mrs Mayor has been in politics back when you were in middle school….

        • Beg your pardon…the real Mayor McClintoch goes way back much further then Mrs Riecken….amazing, this town has the same features of that on the nation scene…Bill Clinton and his lovely wife Hillary…

      • Any reason why i would be shaking in my boots ? I don’t have a city appointed job. Stay in the dark side.

    7. Pathetic Joe Donnelly, what a mess. Voted for obamacare care, wants to make your medical records public knowledge. Anti 2nd amendment domestic enemy. All 2nd amendment patriots need to take a long hard look at who supports Gail. Birds of a feather.

      • Stop posting. You lost your credibility when you claimed zionist billionaire Rupert Murdoch is a liberal.

        • It’s apparent that if you went to UE you were given an Ozian degree. Murdock is a flaming liberal, his children are liberals. Murdock is about money, FOX news is #1 because it is conservative and makes money. Murdock is rich because he knows how to make money, liberals watch FOX because it stirs them up with the truth and makes them feel safe. Probably more liberals watch FOX than conservatives. If Murdock says something about the economy that the rest of us know is probably not true, he probably made money. He is probably connected to Buffett who owns Prudential, Murdock says the economy is looking great via WSJ, a down housing market picks up they both get a cut. You need to turn yourself in, a group home is looking for you. FOX news has a greater viewership than all the rest put together, Murdock is a stealth GOD=Greedy Old Democrat.

          • We could have the next Timothy McVeigh on our hands here. Please get help.

            • You’ve just been schooled Ghost, now if you will open your mind and do a little research, apply some logic and common sense you might actually find the truth and agree with pov.

      • Exactly, old Joe is one of the more moderate of them all…he came forth and criticized Obama about his unilateral immigration executive order…and, as I remember, Old Lugar was one of the Senators that prevented the gun toten crowd from carrying from state to state….

      • Jeez. pov….YOU ELECTED DONNELLY!!

        POV…down in flames, burnt to crap over supporting Mourdock. The voter who put Donnelly in office is now whining about it. THAT is a joke.

      • Hey Mr JIG..wonder if you would give up your property for FREE to benefit our city…??? and BTW like usual Winnecke takes credit for the LST staying in Evansville…so, Riecken needs to consider pulling the plug…then you would criticize her for losing the LST…

    8. Jumping way ahead here, but any thoughts on a new police chief and fire chief? Surely there are qualified individuals who are actually qualified to lead both departments.

      • Anyone but Billy should be the slogan of anyone trying to get any new mayor to appoint them to that job. The first thing they should do is try to sell those god awful jeeps before gas prices go back up to $4/gallon. They might actually get some sucker to buy them now that gas is so low.

        There are some really smart people with lots of experience that could do the fire chief’s job.

    9. The current bill she is proposing to bring more transparency to local government concerning audits is smoke and mirrors to baffle low info democrats. The bill still denies pertinent information about a city’s financial situation to the citizens. Claims the financial health of cities is of no concern to the local citizens and should be kept confidential. Winnecke/Weinzapfel lite. Please would somebody else please step up to the plate and run for mayor. There are enough disenfranchised voters that a libertarian would have a good chance. Hopefully there will be a real republican running in the primary against Winnecke and we can have a real race. We need a new face, speaking of a new face has Gail had plastic or has that photo been brushed up? The old washed up liberals are dying off and we have a chance of a new beginning.

    10. The “test” for Riecken will be where she stands on land based gaming and relocating the LST from her family’s property (read: money in her pocket) to a beneficial site on the Evansville riverfront. eg: Is she for Evansville’s best interests or is she only interested in protecting her vested interests.

    11. Gail has always supported the LST as close to downtown. The Corps of Engineers have repeatedly said no. We should be grateful they allowed it to be housed at Marina Point. It has been very successful. The LST group has renewed their arrangement. If the Riverboat becomes land based and moves across the street, I’m sure she would support moving the LST into their spot. The small amount paid to house the LST is minor to their overall income at Marina Point. Keep in mind if the Marina Point didn’t allow the LST on their property, there would be no LST in Evansville.

      • That’s straight BS about the close to downtown LST site, anyone with a set of Eyeballs ,including the United States Corps Of Engineers can see the locational value that’s not intrusive to the Commercial barge Channel. They won’t say it because it would intrude on some fellow elitists visual vista availabilities . Same shit, your elitist real estate political dirge might think their overvalued but actual valuation might see a intrusion from realism. Tough shit, we’re going to sport it, then lets see what those social economic idiots have to say. Cry babies, the rest of the county has no investment in your mistakes or manipulation of those economically poorly valued locations. Period,

        Btw: Whens the last time you had an real election primary in that “coprolite” hole?

    12. This article mentions only ONE state “official” as planning to the announcement. The other two mentioned have NO official state positions.

      Please feel free to correct me. Rep. Riecken IS a state government official IMHO.

      • Yes she would, and she would be a much better choice, but I wonder how many of these giddy for Gail who claim to want better for Evansville would crossdress into a Republican primary to vote against her? They seem to be ignorant that not being worse is not the same as being better more less the best.

      • Press, if Cheryl Musgrave ran as an independent, it would be like Ross Perot siphoning off Republican votes. If Ms. Musgrave wants to absolutely, positively, do all she can for a Riecken for Mayor victory, Ms. Musgrave runs for Mayor as an independent.

    13. I think the CCO’s continuous endorsement of Gail is hilarious, as well as extremely annoying. I have seen more of Gail’s picture than anything. She does nothing. Anyone else realize she is having the press conference right after Meet Your Legislators just so it looks like there are more people there for her press conference. She loves being wherever cameras are. Ridiculous. I am a constituent of hers and she (nor her legislative staff) have EVER helped me with some of the things I’ve reached out to her for. She is awful.

      Unlike in 2011….looks like I’m voting for Winnecke………….

      • And the mainstream media is not giddy over the Poo….worked for Ch 25…its a code of honor for those news people…once a news-gou then you are in the “Club”

      • Sounds a lot like Winnecke’s four ground breaking ceremonies…like a moth to the light so goes Winnecke when the cameras appear…

      • Actually I’ve only asked her for help on one thing in the past and she went out of her way to help me. So my experience with her like many other’s has been much different than your. And if the CCO’s endorsement of her makes you ill then feel free to walk away. That CCO open door policy swings both ways. Don’t let the door hit you on the back side as you walk (NO RUN) out the door.

    14. “…extreme political significance…” No it’s not. So the democrats are uniting to take charge of the machine. So she would be our first female Mayor. Big deal! Being giddy for that is indicative of why this city no longer thrives. Of course the republicans will block any better choice than Winnecke. The democrats no longer allow primaries, so if a better choice than Winnecke or Reiken sneaks into a primary they will cross dress into it to insure that Winnecke is the republican choice. Face it Evansville republicans, a few select democrats choose who our mayor will be.

    15. How did a new comment I made this morning end up between two comments from three days earlier?

    16. Yeah, but keep in mind that it was the democrats who wiggled Winnecke into office.

    17. Will Gail promise if elected to budget the $100,000 estimated necessary to repair Mesker Amphitheater so it may be returned to use for the taxpayers?

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