Breaking News: ObamaCare’s employer mandate delayed until 2015


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ObamaCare’s employer mandate delayed until 2015

The Obama administration will delay ObamaCare’s requirement that businesses with more than 50 workers provide health insurance by one year.

The Treasury Department said that the administration will start enforcing the mandate in 2015, rather than Jan. 1, 2014, in order to give business more time to prepare. The surprise move comes as federal officials prepare to implement key provisions of the healthcare law.

It means that one of healthcare reform’s key requirements will be implemented after the 2014 midterm elections, when ObamaCare is expected to be a key issue for vulnerable Democrats.


  1. The costs of healthcare will eventually go down with more people insured. A person that is uninsured will wait until a condition is serious and then go to the emergency room when they’re on the brink of death. An emergency room cannot turn them away in that condition. We all then end up paying for that person’s care. It would’ve been a lot less expensive if said condition was caught in the early stages. I’m guessing the conservative solution to this problem would be to make it where emergency rooms are allowed to let people die on the doorstep if they don’t produce an insurance card on arrival. That would solve the problem, but is it right? I realize this is only one aspect of Obamacare, but it sticks out as a big one to me.

    • The problem is that Obama can’t do anything but talk and he has hired a bunch of talkers into jobs that require action. Imagine putting a bunch of professors in charge of actually doing something like building a ship. That is what is in Washington now except for spying on people and sicking the IRS on his “enemies”. The politics of destruction meets the impotency of elitism.

      • You didn’t address anything in my post. It’s just the usual “a bird shit on my car this morning, Obama must be responsible.” I’m no Obama apologist, but something had to be done about our horrible healthcare system. Even if this bill isn’t the complete answer, I do not want to go back to what we had. Couldn’t we come up with something even better? We’ve got to get to a single payer system.

        • “Couldn’t we come up with something even better? ”

          We could come up with a lot of things better but it’s hard to clap with one hand.

          For instance, the individual mandate was a Republican idea when Hillary was trying to get health care reform but when ObamaCare adopted it, it became taboo to the Pubs.

          Eliminate enough Republicans, health care solution solved.

        • I’m not the President dude. To quote the speechmaker in chief, “that is above my pay grade”. Our healthcare system is not horrible. It is expensive and inefficient, sort of like the DOD, the IRS, flights on air force one, and the GSA. We are back at what we had as ObamaCare has not really happened yet. By the way, I am open to single payer if there are efficiencies to be realized. The trouble with Obama is that he has never really done anything but talk and talk as they say here is River City is cheap. In this case it is also useless.

      • “sicking the IRS on his “enemies”.

        The IRS news blip was over a long time ago with no “enemies” being exposed.

        You may want to change channels.

        • Do you take any medication for your amnesia? If you think what the IRS did was an insignificant blip just wait till someday when they do it to you. Make no mistake dude, they will eventually come for you too once they have shaken down all of the republicans.

          • They have never came for me because I’ve never gave them any reason to.

            I can see why you and the Pubs are scared of them though.

    • John Doe–
      I hope you do not really believe “The costs of healthcare will eventually go down with more people insured.” That is BS. This not a manufacturing plant we are talking about here.

      What is also going to happen bis current employees with insurance today are going to take it on the chin big time when Obamacare goes into effect. Obamacare is a disaster just like reasonable people said it would be.

        • Okay so you and Wayne are having a little fight, but what in the hell makes you think the overall price will go down when 30 Million new people come into the system? Can it? Is it possible? I say yes, but not when someone like Obama who is in the drug company pockets just as much as Bush ever was is in charge. What kind of payoff do you think that buffoon got today for putting the penalties off for a year for BIG BUSINESS ONLY?

          • ” but what in the hell makes you think the overall price will go down when 30 Million new people come into the system?”

            30 million now are in the emergency room system, the most expensive system in the world.

            Ronald Reagan gave them that luxury and rightfully so if at least you are a “compassionate conservative.” But we HAVE GOT TO move beyond that because our health care cost is the greatest “enemy” we have been facing for a long time.

  2. One critical issue in regards to healhcare has been overlooked, the decision to become a doctor is now a 1.4 million dollar dilemma. For instance, the brightest student, top of his/her class can pass on med school and do many things that they earn bucks, now…but the med school choice places them in debt by hundreds of thousands of dollars, not the mention the loss wages that the four year grad is making while he/she is in med school…my dear fellow citizens, it doesn’t really matter what your health tab is if you do not have a doctor to treat and care for you…many of you come from diverse backgrounds, but, I doubt if many of you would go into a profession where somebody tells you how much you are going to earn when you are in hot demand and it take hundred of thousands of dollars to have the training and skills that you process. As I understand basis economics, as demand increases, price increases, if price is not allowed to increase, shortages will occur…please remember what happened in 1973/74 when the brilliant Richard Nixon decided to place price controls at most all levels, long gas lines, shortages in crucial commodities, The Obamacare bill, although needed in some areas, has and will fail to create the level of doctors and other health care professionals our aging population will demand. Thus, make sure your best friend is a doctor!!!

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