Dear Friends,
    As another chapter in our city’s history is now complete, it is important to take
    time to reflect before looking forward.
    2014 was filled with positive progress for the city of Evansville.
    Here are just a few of the highlights;
    * Lowest Unemployment Rate in 5 years (5.2%)
    * Spent $5M less than the budget approved by council
    * Over 1,000 new jobs created + retained
    * New Haier America Research & Development Center Landed
    * Consecutive Clean Financial Audits
    * Positive Bond Ratings Reaffirmed by Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s
    * Retained the LST in its home port of Evansville
    * Full Cloverleaf Interchange at US 41/Lloyd Expressway is underway
    * Meth Labs have decreased by 50%
    * Secured Medical School at downtown location
    Even with progress, challenges still exist and I am committed to putting forth the time and effort to continuously improve our great city.
    Clearly, there is work left to be done and my intention is to seek a second term as your Mayor. I have never wavered on my passion and desire to serve the city I love.
    Therefore, I plan on filing for the office of Mayor at Noon on Monday, January 12th in the Election Office of the Civic Center. 
    Please join me in the first step of the 2015 campaign that will send the message that our positive progress will continue.
    Happy New Year!


        • Obvious, Mr. givemabreak,

          You must be one of those crony capitalist of Winnecke’s…some eat caviar and the rest of us eat cake…Viva Gail, she stood up for the working man!!!

    1. I think it’s appropriate and encouraging for the Mayor to express optimism and a positive attitude going into the New Year.

      • let’s see, the State Board of Accounts sited the fact that Winnecke’s still can not reconcile the bank accounts…they site various material weaknesses in internal CONTROLS…still sited the fact that the Economic Redevelopment Authority still owes the city millions and they do not agree to audit the ERA…so were is the money, Mr. Winnecke..BTW, the members of the ERA are ALL appointed by Winnecke. MORE INCOMPETENCE AND DECEPTION

        And, Winnecke says he spent less than 5 million then the council….what the hell, the audited financial statements clearly indicate that the first two years of his administration, he spent over 16 MILLION more than was received..DEFICIT SPENDING…this man is an apparent deceiver..MORE RECKLESS SPENDING

        Standard and Poors, the bond rating agency, has issue a negative trending report….there is no mention of this is his quaint correspondence…MORE DECEPTION

        Nothing said about screwing the citizens out of millions of dollars over his incompetent handling of the Johnson Control control by allowing the monkeys to wreck the homeowners’ perfectly functioning meters and then the homeowner is ripped off by thousands for the repairs…MORE IMCOMPETENCE

        No mention of the $200,000 given to Earthcare and thanks to Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley, save the taxpayers $5,000,000….MORE INCOMPETENCE AND DECEIT..

        No Mention of not doing his due diligence with HCW to discover their allegedly financial issues in Branson, MO and his disingenuous dealings with the public by not leveling with us concerning the hotel..MORE INCOMPETENCE

        By his claiming responsibility of the cover leaf at the Lloyd and 41 clearly demonstrates his dishonesty with the public…this project has been on the Indiana Dept of Transportation for nearly ten years and the money appropriated over four years ago…long before Winnecke became mayor…MORE DECEPTION

        Employment levels: what, he failed to indicate the number of potential workers who have given up on obtaining employment…he sound a lot like Obama…surely spends like him…MORE DECEPTION

        IU Med School…what the hell is talking about…we need to give thanks to Pat Shoulders, (Democrat) the Indiana University Trustee, who calls his home Evansville, for his efforts in procuring the IU Med…if it is advanced up the latter of importance…LET HOPE THAT GAIL RIECKEN, who is on the House Ways and Means, the committee were all funding is appropriated will use her influence to procure the funding…MORE DECEPTION

        Heard an individual say when he was told about the 1,000 jobs, his comment was “I know, I have two of them”..just MORE DECEPTION…

      • Hey, Bobby…I have always tried to be an optimist…but this is clearly deception…hope you are not smoking crack along with Wnnecke…

    2. He forgot the negative trend on the Waterworks Bond assessed by Standard & Poors. He forgot the Hotel failure, which was so recent you would think he would remember. How can you spend $ 5 Million less than the budget approved by Council (i.e., the year is just starting !).

      Also: ‘clean financial audits’ ? For 2012 ? Oh, that recording of the laughing State Board auditors to your question ” so we are reconciling monthly, right ?”.

      This man is a profligate liar. Public, be warned.

      • I’m not so sure Winnie isn’t just delusional and repeating the lies that his owners feed him subliminally through a tiny speaker that Carol places under his pillow every night. I doubt someone who is mentally balanced can tell these lies and half-truths with a straight face and not expect laughter akin to that of the SBOA auditors when the he asked the stupid question.

        • If they could finally get him to go to a dentist they could put in some state of the art electronics to exert a little more focused control. They would go often to the ‘shut up and smile’ button.

    3. It’s hard to lie on you resume when the facts are all over CCO. Good luck getting re-elected mayor, you’re going to need it. I’m surprised he didn’t use his crayons to write this.

    4. How very sad. A pathetic attempt by a failed mayor to burnish a nonexistent record of accomplishments. Hiding behind one of the world’s smallest organizations, the Friends of Mayor Winnecke.

      This guy hit his peak when they dressed him up and trotted him out in his chicken dance outfit. It’s just been one embarrassing failure or disclosure after another since then.

    5. One could challenge Winnecke on every single line of his claimed accomplishments. For instance:

      1) Lowest unemployment in 5 years ( better than the national trend/State of Indiana trend. ? There was that little thing called the great recession . . . .oh yeah, hit about 6 years ago);

      2) 1,000 new jobs created and retained (list the 1,000; also, ‘retained’ is code that employer held City hostage and we paid them money to stay. How does that count ?);

      3) Kept LST from departing (but also sat by while it was failing, and forced them to look elsewhere);

      4) Cloverleaf at 41 and Lloyd ( a definite need, but this has been on the State’s radar for over a decade. I have been critical of this since the so-called Lloyd Expressway went in, so give Tang credit for this one); and

      5) Meth Labs down by 50 % (show your work, and let someone critique the means by which EPD calculates/measures the existence of meth labs). If this were true: the boys at C & P would have been slurping this story up through a straw.

    6. Is today April 1st?

      EarthScam, HotelScam, WaterMeterScam, Water&SewerRateScam, RobertStadiumScam, ONBNamingRightsScam, FordCenterScam.

      Just off the top of my head.

    7. Noticed that your taxes have increased…re-elect the poo a/k/a Winnecke and you will have to get three of those 1,000 new jobs he touted in order keep your home…

    8. I’m beginning to suspect that the build up of Toxic waste in the 100year old CSO system in Old Downtown, and the seeping gases it releases is the culprit in the Delusional Downtown Psychosis that has played it’s self out thru the Elitist Politicos that savor it like glue sniffing addicts, and indulge until Reality fades away.

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