BREAKING NEWS: Evansville Area Experiences High E COLI Bacterial Counts, Exceeding Water Quality Criteria Levels 


ORSANCO Weekly Water Quality Conditions for 22 May 2020

E.Coli:  The Cincinnati area had extremely high colony counts of E.Coli this week, greatly exceeding water quality criteria.  The Evansville area also experienced high bacterial counts, exceeding water quality criteria levels.

STAGES: Cincinnati and Evansville are at Action level conditions and will remain there over the next few days.  Cincinnati is predicted to crest at nearly 49 ft over the weekend and Evansville is predicted to crest at nearly 39 ft over the weekend, with each remaining under Action level conditions.  Other segments of the river are predicted to have elevated stages but within normal pool levels.

VELOCITIES: The Cincinnati area and Evansville areas are predicted to see some increase in velocity over the next few days.   All other sites are predicted to remain at nearly the same velocities over the next few days.





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