BREAKING NEWS: Donnelly Says He Will Donate Shutdown Paycheck To Charity

Indiana U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly was one of only 5 Democrats in the Senate to cross party lines and vote in favor of a bill to keep the government running. On the other side of the aisle, Kentucky Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul were two of only 5 Republicans to vote against it. The bill failed on a 50-49 vote late Friday, which essentially shuts down the U.S. Government.
Earlier Friday the House voted in favor of the bill. All members of the House from the Southwestern Indiana, Southeastern Illinois, and Western Kentucky voted in favor of it.

Failure to pass bill cuts off funding to various agencies, but Congressmen and Senators will be paid during the shutdown.

Donnelly says he will donate all of his take home pay during the shutdown to a charities in Indiana. At this point he has not said what charities those might be, but during the 2013 shutdown Donnelly donated his pay to 10 different food banks around the state.

Warren Korff

News Director for 44News in Evansville, IN.

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  1. Thank you. There is some hope knowing you would go against “Shutdown Chuck” and vote to keep America running. Good God, to think we are held hostage by illegal aliens, is beyond comprehension. Also, thanks for donating your pay to worthwhile causes. I appreciate you taking one for us Americans and telling Chuck and Nancy what you think of their selling America to illegals.

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