Five Candidates File For EVSC School Board


Filing for candidates to run for school board positions is closed, and 5 candidates are running for the three seats that will be elected this year.

In District 1, incumbent Karen Ragland is unopposed again. She has been unopposed in 2008, 2026, and 2020.

There are two seats in District 3, and four candidates are vying for those positions. Terry Gamblin is the incumbent, having served on the school board for 36 years. Joshua James Taylor Barnett and Amy Devries are seeking a first term on the board. Jeff Worthington has served previously and is looking to return to the board.

School board positions are non-partisan and will appear at the end of the ballot for the November general election.


  1. There are people who have served for many years and thats great. But, when is too many years enough? Keeping with the times is important especially when it comes to education. Maybe its time to find some way else to serve the community and let younger folks serve.

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