United States Senator Mike Braun’s Weekly Update


This week, Senator Braun urged Democrats in Congress to take action to alleviate the humanitarian disaster on the border, celebrating his first legislative proposal in the Senate – No Budget, No Pay – passing out of committee, and weighed in on Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s attempts to conceal his far-left views and the state of populism in Washington 6 months into the job. 

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Senator Braun penned an op-ed for the Washington Examiner urging Democrats in Congress to put aside partisan squabbles and provide funding to relieve the humanitarian and security crisis on our southern border, which has deteriorated to the point that even the New York Times Editorial Board is calling for action. 

“As a former entrepreneur, I’ve spent my entire life working on solutions, compromises, putting together deals, and delivering real results, which is exactly what this legislation does for addressing the humanitarian and security crisis on our southern border. It’s my hope that Congress can come together this week and pass this desperately needed legislation to relieve some of the strain on our southern border.”

This week, Senator Braun and Senator Rick Scott’s proposal to “pull Washington out of la-la-land” by withholding Congressional pay if they fail to pass a budget on time passed through committee as part of a broader bill to avoid government shutdowns.

“In the real world nobody gets rewarded for not doing their jobs, and today’s victory for No Budget No Pay is a big step toward pulling Washington out of la-la land and getting Congress working for the American people again. I’m proud to join fellow job creator Senator Rick Scott in moving the ball down the field for this legislation, because there are consequences businesses and families when they don’t make a budget and it’s time we hold Washington to the same standard.”Senator Mike Braun

Following talk of raising pay for Congress, The Daily Signal‘s Justin Bogie wrote in favor of Senator Braun’s proposal with Senator Rick Scott to “get Washington working for the American people again” by withholding Congressional pay if they fail to pass a budget.

“Politicians should not be held to a lower standard than the people they represent. Active and vigilant measures like the “no budget no pay” rule would take a significant step toward forcing members of Congress to do their jobs and to govern with discipline.”

Listen to Senator Braun’s full interview on the Guy Benson Show on Fox News Radio for his take on Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s attempts to conceal his liberal positions that “don’t sync with most Hoosiers.”

Senator Braun sat down with Breitbart‘s Sean Moran to discuss the state of populism in Washington following the election of President Trump and likeminded business leaders from outside the establishment in 2018.

“Despite President Trump’s election and his own to Congress, Braun said he believes that populism continues to fight against the more entrenched establishment forces in Washington, D.C, including many establishment Republicans. Sen. Braun contended that many members have continued to resist necessary changes in health care, government spending, leaving the Democrats to continue beating the GOP on these and other issues.”

In a hearing of the HELP Committee, Senator Braun directly challenged healthcare industry leaders, including the Executive President of the American Hospital Association, to “get with it” and fix the industry before it collapses.

Senator Mike Braun and Senator Todd Young introduced an amendment to name a Navy ship after late Senator Richard Lugar.

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