CHANNEL 44 NEWS: Body Cam Footage Released of Officer-Involved Traffic Stop


Body Cam Footage Released of Officer-Involved Traffic Stop

In a Facebook post, she accused the officer of encouraging her to use her connections as an attorney to have a traffic ticket thrown out.

EPD says while the officer said he knew who Brinkerhoff-Riley was, he said he still had to give her the ticket for running a stop sign because the intersection was known for a lot of traffic violations.

The department says the body camera footage proves the officer did nothing wrong. 44News spoke to Brinkerhoff-Riley by phone this afternoon.

She says she stands by her claim exactly as she described:

OFFICER: On a normal day of the week, I wouldn’t give you a ticket cause I know who you are however, we’re really hitting this intersection cause it’s been bad lately

STEPHANIE: Yeah, I live…I live right on the other side

OFFICER: It’s just for disregarding the stop sign I don’t think it’s pointable…

STEPHANIE: Is it deferrable?

OFFICER: Probably, you don’t have any convictions so if you just go talk to the judge about it, I’m sure you know plenty of them.

To view the body cam footage released by EPD, click here.


  1. Obviously, Brinker-Hoff Riley, as an attorney and officer of the court, is a liar. But then, she was on the city council, wasn’t she, so it’s assumed she’s lying?

    • Brinkerhoff Riley was the best council member to have served in quite some time,Stephanie worked for the citizens of Evansville,this lady spoke up against whomever tried to cheat the good citizens of Evansville,,,

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