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    • Don’t you have a right to your life? … So does every one else and especially we should protect those that can’t speak up for themselves. I would not vote for someone that wasn’t Pro Life.

  1. It would be nice to have someone with a different approach and outside the box thinking. Good man with good ideas!

    • Bill Kramer does own Unity & PAST transportation, he is a good man, someone we need as a leader on our city council, he has brought jobs to the city and wants & to better our community. Bill Kramer has a lot of good views and ideas for our city. He is against the wrong that is going on in this city and is fighting for what is right! I vote for Bill Kramer!!!!!!!

  2. I have known Bill for over 30 years. Right to Life is right to endorse him. He has strong, lifelong Christian values that this city desperately needs. He cares about people, is smart with money, runs an honest business that does not support crime and yes… I am pointing a finger in another direction. As a public safety worker, I am glad to through my vote behind Bill. We need his ethics, ability to speak directly as well as his reslove to draw lines in the sand.

  3. bill is exactly what this city needs. he has leadership experience, great ideas, and honesty….. you go bill

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