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Big Gang Drug Bust on Southside of Evansville


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22 Evansville residents were arrested in a sting operation that included local, state and federal law enforcement officials. Eight of the 22 are facing federal charges. Today’s action was the result of crackdown on drug and gang-related activity, the U.S. Attorney’s Office of Southern Indiana announced Thursday.

A variety of drug and firearm-related charges were made and all of those arrested face nine counts of distributing crack cocaine.

The “300 Wag Block” gang, referring to the 300 block of Waggoner Avenue was the focal point of the arrests. Three suspected members of the gang were arrested early Saturday in connection with a shooting at Hammerheads Sports Bar & Night Club in Downtown Evansville.

Torrance Mimms, 23, and Tony Johnson, 22, were charged with attempted murder and criminal gang activity. Luther “Lut Lut” Lawton, 21, is charged only with criminal gang activity.

Maleek “Skinny” Davis, 21; Mykale “Kales” Davis, 22; Tiackquien “TT” Douglas, 21; Gerald “Boogie” Butler, 23; Duqan “Mula” McKinney, 27; Lusta Johnson, 21; D’Mariea Fox, 23 were also listed in the indictment.


  1. What lovely names they all have. So long trash! Couldn’t play by the rules; enjoy prison!

  2. This isn’t much different from the Capones who once shot up and terrorized Chicago over control of the liquor trade. Prohibition ended and so did the violence associated with it.

    • But in reality, the violence did not end. Gangs will always find something to “control”….alcohol, drugs, sugar,I phones, gucci purses etc… So legalization really doesn’t end it, it just shifts it to a different substance/item. Bad men will always behave badly, especially if they get something out of it (money,fame, women etc..)

      • Conveniently for the criminals, around the same time alcohol prohibition lifted, marijuana was made illegal.

        What creates a bootlegging or a black market for a product are prohibitive laws, whether of the strictly prohibitive variety or of the high taxation variety. I advocate an unfettered free market with minimal taxation, and no additional taxation on ‘vice’.

        The reasons behind the negative social attitudes toward substances like cocaine and marijuana were largely due to hysteria generated by sensationalism and propaganda in the media of the time. The associations of these drugs with criminality were often directly linked with racism.

        • …and yes, in the absence of prohibition, gang warfare over control of the distribution of a product vanishes.

          Black youths kills one another over drugs because they cannot call the cops, or sue people, or take to court those who steal from them or perpetrate fraud. If the trade was legal, they wouldn’t be running around shooting at each other. The gang violence, and even the gangs themselves would become largely obsolete overnight.

  3. Thank you for including the hand signs for these gangs. Wouldn’t want to unwittingly flash one while out and about. lol

  4. great to read this, maybe with a few more sting operations such as this they can take down the jimtown gang and whoever their rivals are (the kings or something, i forget their name). I am tired of hearing about shootings all the time in Evansville. Just because I lawfully carry concealed does not mean i want to deal with the psychological rammifications that accompany shooting someone or taking their life, even in self-defense and i know plenty of other law abiding concealed carriers that feel the same way. It’s time to clean Evansville up and stings like this are a great way to start. Gang violence is absolutely intolerable as far as i am concerned. Any time you have peaceful people fearing for their lives such as the shooting at Hammerheads, be it from the government, an individual, or gangs, then something has be done. I am happy our tax dollars went to cleaning gangs off of our streets (though i disagree with prohibition as it helps fund these gangs operations) and I am glad to know that the chance of personally encountering one of these individuals in Evansville is now slim to none.

      • Oh I realize this, but if Leo’s are persistent with their persecution of the individuals then perhaps they can stay a step ahead of the game (a long shot, I know). It’s still nice to see some proactive movement towards the gun violence that we’ve seen here recently. We’re no Chicago yet and it would be nice to keep it that way.

        • You have essentially just restated the aim of the failed war on drugs. The idea all along has been to ‘stay one step ahead’, but the body count and the prisoner counts keep mounting. The current approach is a failure. It benefits a few at the expense of society as a whole. We imprison more people in this country than any other country on earth, including Russia and red China. Think about that. Who benefits?

          • Brad, as I said above I am against prohibition. I agree with you that prohibition leads to overpopulation of prisons and violence. Where we disagree is that ending all prohibition would eradicate violent offenses and gangs. People will always find something to fight about. Prohibition is only part of the problem. Gangs also fight for territory, pride, and differences in views and beliefs. That, I fear, will not end in our lifetimes. What about people getting shot for wearing the wrong color shirt in larger cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago? Decriminalize the use of all drugs and I guarantee people still kill those that oppose them if not for any other reason than to simply represent their neighbor”hoods.” For many in a gang it is about brotherhood and unfortunately they grow up exposed to the lifestyle and will continue no matter how many positive steps are taken to end prohibition. I believe that in Evansville the problem is kids wanting to appear tough. They weren’t brought up in the lifestyle (maybe some but not the majority) and simply make the decision to associate with a gang due tithe desire to fit in or be accepted by a crowd. Bust someone like that and rehabilitate them properly and I think they could be corrected. The court system in vanderburgh is already one of, if not the most progressive court system in the state. I have a lot of confidence in our judges when it comes to these matters. It’s up to the police to get them in front of the bench.

          • We are in agreement that ceasing the war on drugs will not cure all social ills…but it’s a damn good start.

  5. That it is. Use the extra money and tax the sale of the stuff to fund the repair of our infrastructure.

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