Big City, Huge Hart



By Scottie Thomas

‘It’s a big city [Evansville, Indiana], with a small town attitude and a great place to grow a family to live in.’ These are the sentiments from Pigeon Township Trustee, Mary Hart, regarding her hometown.

A graduate of Central High School, Hart has served as Trustee position since 1980. She comes from a family boasting her father, who worked at a saw mill and her mother, who worked for Zenith, Co., in addition to a family of ten children, including herself. Hart is a widow, with one son, who is married, and has two grandchildren.

Hart’s first position came at the age of 22, where Hart worked as a clerk for two years, before becoming a case worker for ten years. She served as Chief Deputy Bookkeeper from 92-95’, where she continues to help make a difference in the community.

Her resume would include being President of the Indiana Township Association the last four years; she has served on the Committee Action Program since 1997; as the Finance Committee Action Program for Evansville (CAPE) Board. Furthermore, Hart is on the United Way Grant Board, the Initiative Based Assistance Program and held her position on Board of Directors for Aurora Homeless Prevention Coalition since 2005. She is also a contributor and factor in Democratic Party Fundraisers.

Hart has no plans to retire any time soon, as she has a huge heart for helping those in need from emergency aid with utilities, housing and shelter, food and burial service assistance. Her lasting impression of her job is the ability to make a difference, if even on a temporary basis. Her only regrets are not being able to help some people sustain independency. If this was not Hart’s career, she would be involved in social services as she enjoys working with the public.

The advice she gives youngsters in Evansville is to ‘donate their time and talents, where it leads them.’ In her spare moments in life, though limited, Hart is spending quality time with her two grandchildren at the park or home. Though she has stepped away from bowling, one of Hart’s favorite hobbies, she has found a different to split her life up between work and family.


  1. Wonderful article about a wonderful lady. Great choice for CCO “MOLE” Award

  2. Sounds like a fantastic woman, but the writing in this article is sub par to say the least. The use of comma’s is, out, of control. As an outside reader, I found myself wounding what the main idea of this article was even about until I re-read it and began to put the pieces together. The writing was merely ankle-deep, a long way from the deep end.

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