Battery By Strangulation Arrest


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On Thursday, June 13, 2013, at approximately 5:40 AM, the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to 4600 Rolling Ridge Court regarding a domestic violence in progress. Deputies were advised that a white female and white male were arguing in front of the apartment.

Upon their arrival, deputies found the victim, Donna Kay Boyer, standing by the office. Boyer appeared to be distraught and had visible marks on her neck and arm from a struggle. Boyer stated that she and her boyfriend, Bradley Ray Barney, had returned from the hospital and had been arguing over his cell phone. Boyer stated she went into the bedroom to start packing her clothes because she was leaving.

Boyer stated when she attempted to walk out of the bedroom; Barney blocked the doorway and refused to let her leave. As Boyer was trying to get out of the room, Barney spat in her face. He then grabbed Boyer around the neck and started squeezing to where she could not breathe and started to lose consciousness.

Boyer stated Barney then threw her down to the ground and started twisting her arm behind her back causing extreme discomfort. Finally, Boyer was able to distract Barney by telling him his phone was outside. Once Barney left to look for it, Boyer was able to escape the apartment.

When deputies went to Barney’s apartment, they were unable to get Barney to answer the door. Approximately an hour, Barney exited the apartment thinking deputies had left. Barney was then taken into custody without further incident.

As the deputies were speaking with Barney, they observed blood coming from several small cuts on his forehead with blood over his face, hands, arms, and the front of his shirt. Barney also had bruising over one eye. Barney stated to deputies that Boyer had cut him with a knife.

Based on evidence at the scene and witness statements, deputies believe the cuts were self-inflicted by Barney. The witness stated Barney was wearing a red t-shirt and had no blood on him when he chased Boyer out of the apartment. Additionally, a small knife was located in the sink with blood on it.

Barney was transported to Deaconess Hospital for treatment of the minor injuries and then to the Vanderburgh Sheriff’s Confinement Center where he was booked on several charges.

Bradley Ray Barney
50 YOA, W/M
Evansville, Indiana

Battery by Strangulation – D felony
Criminal Confinement – C felony
Battery by Bodily Waste – A misdemeanor
Battery by Hand, Fist, Feet Causing Injury – A misdemeanor

Donna Kay Boyer
51 YOA, W/F
Newburgh, Indiana