The City-County Observer was excited to honor the following community leaders and volunteers who have been selected as our 2023 “Outstanding Community Service Award” winners.  Over the years this event has become one of several must-attend events in this region and this year was no exception.

The “COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD” winners for 2023 were:  DANIELA VIDAL, the well-respected Chancellor of Ivy Tech-Evansville,  the Honorable Vanderburgh County Superior Court Judge TOM MASSEY, and the well-respected SOUTHWESTERN INDIANA BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION COUNCIL.

The annual “WOMAN OF THE YEAR” award winner for 2023 was none other than the well-respected community and political leader and volunteer CONNIE ROBINSON-BLAIR.  The “MAN-OF THE YEAR” award winner was the extremely popular and award-winning TV Sportscaster and News Anchor MIKE BLAKE.

This year’s event Master of Ceremonies was the Memorial Baptist Church mega preacher and publisher of “Our Times” newspaper, Dr. Adrian Brooks.

Steve Hammer and County Commissioner Ben Shoulders were Co-Chairpersons of this year’s event.

The keynote speaker for the event was the well-known and well-regarded CEO/PUBLISHER OF THE INDIANA CITIZEN NEWSPAPER, D. William Moreau, Jr.  

Some of the past City-County Observer “Outstanding Community Service Award” winners over the last fifteen (15) years were: Holly Dunn Pendleton, Indiana Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch,  Dr. Dan Adams, Dr. Steve Becker, AttorneyTed Ziemer and his wife Clare, Attorney Joe Harrison Jr., Tracy Zeller, former Vanderburgh County Sheriff and U S Congressmen Brad Ellsworth, Attorney Charles L. Berger, retired Vanderburgh County Clerk and Treasurer Susan Kirk, Indiana State Senator Vaneta Becker, 4TH Ward  City Councilman Alex Burton, and community volunteer Lisa Rhyand Vaughan, retired Vanderburgh County Superior Court Judge Richard G. D’Amour, Superior Court Judge Robert Pigman, Chief Superior Court Judge Les Shivery.

 The First Annual Annual CCO “Person Of The Year” award winner was none other than Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke.

This year’s awards luncheon was held at Bally-Evansville and was a total sell-out.