By Jim Redwine



Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to a Joint Session of Congress. However, one honest member of Congress, Senator Bernie Sanders Independent of Vermont, stated on MSNBC news on June 05, 2024:

“You do not honor a foreign leader by addressing a Joint Session of Congress who is currently engaged in creating the worst humanitarian disaster in the modern history of this country. Obviously as we all know, Israel has the right to defend itself against Hamas terrorism and the terrible attack of October 7th. But what it is doing now is going to war against the entire Palestinian people and what we are seeing now is starvation and famine impacting thousands and thousands of children. The architect of that policy is not someone you honor by bringing to the United States Congress, in my view.”

Sanders was born into a working-class Jewish family in Brooklyn, New York in 1941. Sanders’ mother and father immigrated from Poland. His father’s family were killed in the Holocaust. Bernie attended Hebrew school in New York and had a bar mitzvah in 1954. The common trope of antisemitism for anyone who opposes Zionism lands lamely on Senator Sanders.

Sanders has run for president twice and has served in Congress since 2007. One might wonder how our two current presidential hopefuls with their blind eyes on Israel’s Zionist atrocities have the temerity to continue gainsaying their lack of humanity in the face of Sanders’ courage.

The western world just celebrated the 80th anniversary of D-Day. During the ceremony each speaker concentrated on the critical importance of honoring the WWII veterans by not forgetting that tyranny must be confronted, not appeased. The Zionists in Israel are the contemporaries of the Nazis of Germany. The victims have become the aggressors. As was said repeatedly on June 06, 2024, “Lest we forget” we may repeat history. Especially America must lead by example as Americans did 80 years ago.

When we invite someone to address a Joint Session of Congress, we tell the world such a person is representative of our values and ideals. If anyone should be addressing the world as a beacon of what we hold dear, I suggest Bernie Sanders.

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