Attorney General Todd Rokita releases annual report to promote accountability and transparency


Summary of 2022 achievements shows victories on behalf of Hoosiers at all-time low cost to the state

Attorney General Todd Rokita today released his office’s 2022 Annual Report as part of his ongoing commitment to be accountable and transparent to Hoosiers.

“In 2022, we continued a pattern of accomplishment on behalf of Indiana citizens and taxpayers,” Attorney General Rokita said. “We kept up our work protecting liberty, upholding the rule of law and keeping Hoosier families safe and secure at an all-time low cost to the state.”

The annual report details the work of Attorney General Rokita and his team in such areas as consumer protection, financial stewardship, defending the Constitution, fighting federal overreach, supporting job creators & economic growth, targeting Big Tech abuses and much more.

In 2022, the Office of the Attorney General recovered more than $475 million on behalf of Hoosier taxpayers — including the Unclaimed Property Division’s return of $62 million in assets to rightful owners.

The office spends five times less than it collects in General Fund dollars. This even excludes multistate opioid settlements in which the office anticipates recovering nearly $1 billion by 2038 from opioid manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

In comparison, the state has only received about $3.1 billion over the past 25 years under the multistate tobacco master settlement.

“Through hard work and servant leadership, my staff and I achieved significant victories for Hoosiers throughout 2022,” Attorney General Rokita said. “As we enter the spring of 2023, we’re fully committed to keep doing all the things necessary to continue producing such positive results.”

Attorney General Rokita and his team won lawsuits against the Biden administration over such infringements as vaccine mandates.

They stood up for Hoosiers’ liberty by publishing the Parents Bill of Rights and the Gun Owners Bill of Rights.

They repeatedly won court victories defending pro-life laws.

They achieved important settlements for Hoosiers with pharmaceutical companies that irresponsibly contributed to the devastating opioid crisis, with robocallers that scammed Hoosiers and with Big Tech companies that violated users’ privacy.

They pressed the Biden administration to secure the U.S. southern border and — in a “first” for an inland state — sued the federal government over the costs exacted from Indiana due to the federal government’s failures on this issue of national security.

They helped protect religious liberty through such actions as supporting Catholic schools’ successful efforts to affirm they have the right to require ministerial staff — including educators and counselors – to uphold Catholic doctrine.


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    BUT, has Rokita been transparent about his other private income and cash he gets because he is also Indiana Attorney General?

    Because Indiana law says you can’t use your position in office to win business for your private business income.

    Has Rokita been transparent about that?

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