Attorney General Todd Rokita co-leads 25-state lawsuit to pull the plug on Biden’s ‘Clean Power Plan 2.0’


    Attorney General Todd Rokita is co-leading a 25-state lawsuit that seeks to overturn an invasive new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule that threatens the reliability of our power grid and will once again jack up utility costs for regular, everyday Hoosiers.

    Attorney General Rokita’s latest fight against continued EPA overreach into Hoosiers’ wallets takes aim at the agency’s inefficient new rule that oversteps the federal government’s authority and imposes unrealistic mandates on power plants — all so the Biden administration can appease the powerful political forces behind the climate agenda.

    “Hardworking Hoosiers and businesses depend on reliable energy at affordable prices,” Attorney General Rokita said. “They understand these draconian measures are chasing unrealistic goals and will do nothing to actually improve our already good air quality. They also know the importance of protecting the authority of state and local government against power-hungry unelected federal bureaucrats. This lawsuit is all about standing up for Hoosiers on all these counts.”

    The wildly inefficient new rule imposes significant restrictions on coal-fired plants, requiring them to capture 90% of carbon emissions using expensive, unproven technology. The rule exceeds the agency’s statutory authority and gives insufficient consideration to important facts, such as cost and grid reliability.

    In squaring off against the EPA’s newest  confusing and radically inefficient rule, Attorney General Rokita is co-leading this lawsuit with West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.