Attorney General Todd Rokita and team fight to keep Southport cop’s killer behind bars


This week, Attorney General Todd Rokita’s appeals team continued their fight to ensure the killer of a Southport police officer remains in prison for at least a half-century.

“Anyone who murders someone, especially a police officer, must be kept off our streets,” Attorney General Rokita said. “Our team is committed to honoring the legacy of Lt. Aaron Allan by ensuring justice is done.”

On July 27, 2017, Lt. Allan stopped to assist a man who crashed his car on Indianapolis’ southside. As the officer reached in to help the motorist — Jason Dane Brown — Brown shot him 11 times. Witnesses told investigators that Brown continued to fire his weapon even as Lt. Allan attempted to crawl away. At the time of his death, Lt. Allan was 38. Lt. Allan’s father attended this week’s oral arguments on behalf of the fallen officer’s family.

The killer is appealing his conviction, claiming the state failed to prove its case against him. On Sept. 19, Attorney General Rokita’s team argued before the Indiana Court of Appeals that Brown’s conviction rests on rock-solid evidence. Brown received a 58-year sentence, with 55 to be served inside the Department of Correction.

Attorney General Rokita thanked Deputy Attorney General Courtney Staton for arguing on behalf of the appeals team.

“We expect justice to prevail,” Attorney General Rokita said. “We will never forget Lt. Allan’s heroism, and we will continue supporting his brothers and sisters in blue who continue selflessly serving Hoosiers.”