Attitudes toward Smoking in Public Places – Evansville, Indiana



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Author: Survey Research Center at IUPUI, School of Liberal Arts, Indiana University – Purdue University, Indianapolis

Survey Introduction

Smoke Free Communities commissioned a public opinion survey from the Survey Research Center at IUPUI. The public opinion survey was conducted in Evansville, Indiana for the purpose of assessing public opinion about smoking and secondhand smoke and gauging the public’s support for a recently enacted law requiring smoke free public places.

Sample Description: N = 601, representative of adults in Evansville with a margin of error no greater than +/- 3.9% (87% white, 38% had a college degree or higher, 20% were current smokers)


Public Support for Smoke Free Workplaces


Nearly three-quarters of adults in Evansville favored the smoke free air law which includes workplaces, restaurants, bars and clubs.






58% of Evansville adults said they continue to go out as often as before the smoke free air law was implemented; 26% said they go out more often; and just 15% said they go out less often.




Public Health 

89% of Evansville adults agreed that restaurants, bars and other workplaces are healthier for customers and employees after the implementation of the smoke free air law.


Right to Breathe Smoke Free Air

When asked about restaurants, bars, casinos and other public places, 89% of adults in Evansville felt that the rights of those who wish to breathe smoke free air take precedence over those who wish to smoke indoors.


66% of respondents felt that exposure to secondhand smoke is a serious health hazard.





The vast majority of Evansville adults (86% overall), including current smokers (66%), felt that all Evansville workers, including casino workers, should be protected from exposure to secondhand smoke in their workplaces.


Public Support for Strengthening the Law

The majority of adults in Evansville favored amending the smoke free air law to include casinos.



Nearly 50% of Evansville adults favored amending the smoke free air law to include electronic cigarettes. 9% of respondents felt they didn’t know enough about e-cigarettes.





As in other similar surveys throughout Indiana, there is a strong recognition by the public in Evansville, IN of the hazards of secondhand smoke. The majority of adults in Evansville favor the smoke free air law which was enacted on April 1, 2012. The vast majority report that their patronage at bars and restaurants has either stayed the same or increased since the law took effect. Data are unclear about whether Evansville adults would support strengthening the ordinance to include electronic cigarettes. However, data do indicate that Evansville residents would favor strengthening the ordinance to include casinos.



    • rk812, Since I don’t go onto the “boat”, it would be impossible for me to comment about the smoke there, I couldn’t render a first hand opinion, that would have to come from the patrons only, any other opinion would be conjecture, or hearsay derived. “E-cigarettes” or Vapor-ettes if you will, are Nicotine delivery systems(as are the “Patches”) and as such are NOT tobacco smoking, and water vapor is what is exhaled, so the motivation to control their use is suspect, and it seems The movement to curtail them (other than logically banning the sale to minors) is just an effort to control a person’s personal choice concerning the legal products they ingest. That Bloomberg guy tried to ban soft drinks over 16oz,– justified by the premise,–“it’s for your own good”. With people like him, “Large, and in Charge”,–Bacon is doomed! I am a non- smoker,–but I do love a BLT once in a while.

  1. “Dangers of second-hand smoke” is a lie. It was spun by a PR organization that tested a handful of old women who didn’t even die of smoking-related injuries.

    Worse yet, is the physics…that a smoker can try in person.

    When I was at Deaconness’ smoking ‘box’, there were 15-20 other smokers already smoking. I was smoking then, and when I arrived, I appreciated the smoke, but wasn’t satisfied by it.

    What this means is, in a confined place, 20x bigger than most non-smokers will have to abide, I STILL wasn’t getting as much smoke as if *I* was smoking. That puts the dosage below 1/2 of 1% of direct smoke.

    But let’s face it: the reason people don’t LIKE second hand smoke IS BECAUSE THEY DON’T LIKE IT.

    That should be enough reason, but no- we have to point to erroneous polls made to “make news” for political agenda.

    But hey: how will we fund the schools when cigarettes are gone?

    • You Brian are a rare combination of ignorance and arrogance. Are you a also a birther and a member of the flat earth society? Let’s see “them cigarettes won’t hurt nobody, that darn President is a Kenyan, the moon landing was in one of them TV studios, and climate change is foolish” is about where you are coming from. You are a regular Ecnassianer Man. That is Renaissance spelled backwards dude. You are taking us back to the dark ages.

      • Another open minded opinion eschewing his intelligence on the subject by using off topic examples of other peoples opinions, while thinking there was an astounding bit of cleverness by spelling a word backwards to substantiate the relevance of his off topic examples.

        Can’t wait for Indiana to legalize pot.

  2. I was at the smoke free communities press conference yesterday. It went really well. In fact that there were people standing outside the room wanting to see it. I like the way the movement is going, very confident in a comprehensive plan coming.

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