Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana providing $43,990.00 in Youth Arts Sponsorship Grants


 The Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana will provide $43,990.00 in Sponsorship Grant programs for projects designed to create or enhance youth arts experiences in Vanderburgh County.  14 programs will receive grants ranging from $220.00 to $5,000.00.

“The Arts Council is committed to exposing young people to the arts.  Many of the projects and programs that we’ve funded over the years could not have occurred without the Arts Council’s investment.  We’re also very proud of the ways that we support arts educators through this program; we have the opportunity to reward those going above and beyond to make sure our youth have access to, and participate in, the arts.” says Anne McKim, Executive Director of the Arts Council.

Sponsorship Grants are awarded to classroom teachers from public, private, and parochial schools, arts educators, and institutions providing arts education.  Please visit the Arts Council website for a complete list of funded programs.

Please contact the Arts Council at (812) 422-2111 with any questions specific to this event, or email