Arena Costs: Councilman John Friend’s Letter to John Kish


FRIEND-QUISITION Starts at tonight’s City Council Meeting

In response to recent questions raised by aware citizens City Councilman John Friend has sent a letter to Evansville Arena project manager John Kish asking for clarification with respect to millions of dollars of discrepancies that exist between Mr. Kish’s most recent Evansville Arena Summary and previously published line item totals. Councilman Friend is also inquiring about the exclusion of certain costs from the Evansville Arena budget that seem to be attributable to the Arena.

Councilman Friend’s Letter to John Kish


  1. After reading the letter…

    Why are most of the discrepancies from the Courier and Press articles instead of presentations at the City Council and/or the Redevelopment Commission. Kish is the City’s representative on the project, why haven’t you presented us with all the bad news in a proactive manner?

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