Area II Administrative Assistant Retires after Thirty-Six Years of Service


Today, after thirty-six years of devoted service with the Indiana State Police, Kate Stuart, PE 4983, Area II Professional Staff Administrative Assistant has retired. Kate was appointed to service on June 1, 1987.  During her tenure she has served for many North Zone and Area II Commanders, to include (chronologically) Captain John Siegel, Captain Dave Saggars, Captain Larry Rollins, Captain Bob Rich, Major Gary Robbins, Captain Keith Kopinski, Captain Andy Coffee, Major Ed Schroeder, and currently working for Major Tony Casto and Captain Kevin Smith.

Anyone that has had the privilege of working with Kate knows the value of her warm and caring personality in the workplace, especially the commanders that have relied on her administrative support over the last thirty-six years. She has an intellectual value and working knowledge of the department that will take many years to develop and replace.

In honor of her service and anticipated retirement a celebration was held at the Fort Wayne Post training room last Friday.  As expected, it was a packed house of family, friends, and co-workers representing nearly four decades of public service.  Specifically in attendance to speak on behalf of the guest of honor was Superintendent Doug Carter, Major Tony Casto, and Captain Kevin Smith.

During their respective tributes, Superintendent Carter stated that, “There is someone… at each district that keeps things moving, but there’s not another Kate Stuart at any one of our districts, there just simply is not.”  Major Casto noted, “The difficulty with completing Kate’s performance evaluations over the years, was filling out all the intangibles that aren’t on the standard checklist…her institutional knowledge is priceless.”  Captain Smith expressed that “Kate has had a big effect on this place over the years”, noting all the Majors and Captains that she has worked for (with) over thirty-six years.  “I just can’t express to you what she means to all of us.”  Captain Smith then presented Kate with an encased United States flag that had been previously flown over the Fort Wayne Post, symbolic of her own retirement and in appreciation for her dedicated public service.

After that presentation, an emotional Kate spoke on her own behalf- in typical fashion expressing first and foremost her gratitude and love for every person in attendance, and then highlighting the many friendships and memories that she will forever cherish.  She memorialized her first day on the job with the Indiana State Police, noting the great pride that she felt to have such an opportunity.  She recalled, “Oh my gosh, I was so proud to be working for the Indiana State Police. I was working for the best, but I had no idea what ‘the best’ really was at that point. As the years have gone on it has only gotten better. I love this place. I have always felt safe here… even when I am not here, I feel like I am surrounded by this protective shield of you all.”

– Kate, that is the ISP Family that we have all come to know and love, and you will always be a very special part of this Family- even into retirement. Farewell Kate!  

                                                                                                         -Your ISP Family