Another Cup Of Coffee News: Feeling Better After President Biden’s Recent Press Conference


Feeling Better After President Biden’s Recent Press Conference

By Dannie McIntire

NOVEMBER 11, 2022

It’s a crisp morning in southern Indiana as we begin to head deeper into the coming winter weather. Thank goodness I will no longer have to worry as much about the cost of the upcoming winter heating season. 

President Biden during an interview on NewsNation was asked the question, “You’ve referred to the midterm election as a choice, rather than a referendum. Given record inflation, why should voters choose Democrats?

He answered; “Because it’s not recording inflation anymore I’m bringing it down”, which immediately sent me back into the kitchen to fortify my morning cup of coffee with a good splash of Jim Beam.


The picture above is Dannie McIntire getting ready to drink “Another Cup Of Coffee” so he can write his unbiased news article.

It doesn’t seem that long ago my wife and I could go out and enjoy a reasonably priced lunch for under $30 dollars, now it’s most often closer to $50 if not more.

Now I might be wrong, but I’m highly doubtful that our president does the weekly White House grocery shopping, gases up the vehicles, or pays the heating and light bills. 

Now I know politicians on both sides of the aisle lie, I think it must be a contagious virus that especially circulates in the air around Washington, D.C.; but if you’re going to lie to me at least try to make what you say seem even the slightest bit plausible when our economy has an annualized 8.2% inflation rate. 

During a recent speech, President Biden bragged; “The most common price of gas in America is $3.39, down from over five dollars when I took office”; ugh, fact check, the average price when he assumed office was $2.39.   

Then our president went on to say; “We need to keep making that progress by having energy companies bring down the cost of a gallon of gas that reflects the cost of paying for a barrel of oil”.

Mr. President, you went to Saudi Arabia and bumped fists with the Saudi ruler Mohammed bin Salman thinking you secured his commitment to increasing their oil production only to later have him join Russia in having OPEC reduce their oil production as a slap in the face to you. How about taking the shackles off the American oil industry here at home and let them pump American oil…oh wait…that makes too much sense!

Take A Break Dannie And Get Another Cup Of Coffee

Well, now the Biden administration is accusing Arizona Governor Doug Ducey of trespassing after he decided to plug unfinished sections of the border wall in his state with stacked shipping containers in an attempt to stanch the flow of illegal immigrants. That folks in a nutshell is the current administration’s “looney toons” thinking on illegal immigration. Don’t apprehend and charge those coming into this country illegally, instead charge those who are trying to stop them. 

Apparently, all is not doom and gloom in the state of Illinois, the “Fairness and Equity Today (SAFE-T) Act, signed by Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, is going to make life easier for the criminals of the state. Commit a crime, why it’s simply unfair to require a cash bond to be released from jail, it’s not your fault, so cash bonds are being eliminated. Judges will be prohibited from considering a criminal’s past behavior in determining if they are a flight risk.

Certainly being required to wear ankle monitoring is highly unfair so a defendant wearing one who leaves home without court permission will be allowed a 10-hour window before authorities can charge that person with escape. That again folks is liberal democratic thinking, it’s only fair to give someone is facing a criminal charge a 10-hour head start in escaping. 

Goodness, I hope I have enough Jim Beam left for one more cup of morning coffee.  

I may be a republican conservative, but I don’t want to give the impression that I have a total lack of faith in the current administration’s ability to address all of the serious problems facing our nation.

President Biden did squeeze into his schedule sitting down with a transgender activist who wants to normalize transgender males displaying a bulge when wearing tight clothing. Well, that certainly makes me feel better that our President is aware of the most serious issues facing the average American like me.

If you are as concerned about the direction of our country as I remember you have a chance to correct the present course by VOTING this November 8th. Remember, not voting is a vote for the other team.





  1. Thanks, Dannie, as your perspective is always spot on. Hopefully, after next Tuesday’s vote of confidence for the Democrats, the nation can return to a Constitutional path that it has strayed from for the past two years. A special prayer for Republican control of the Senate, and maybe even a conservative leader in that chamber, too.

  2. Inflation is due to the huge cost of the pandemic and lots of blame to go around there. Wages been suppressed for far too long. Keep up with a raise or eat at home. Certainly no RED wave. People want a return to normalcy and away from the hard extreme radicalism we had of late. THAT was the message. Dems may well hold the Senate but the House is less certain. Often a split Congress is a good thing and has been the norm after a midterm election. Here’s what to watch for going forward. Joe Biden is a creature of Washington DC. He’s had long term relationships with Republicans and his best skill will now come into play….working across the aisle. He is the master. If the “last guy” doesnt run in 2024, we may have a shot at the good old days. That should be our prayer.

    • Biden announced Wednesday he wasn’t changing anything he was doing and it was”full speed ahead” with his plans. Not so much across the aisle on that, is there?

  3. Watch how the parks dept paves over the last bit of open land inside wesselman park soon.

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